Sunday, January 2, 2011

Havok Fire vs Vulcan: you say potato..

Havok Fire EBF-25. I kinda like that.
I had comments around the Quick 16 in that perhaps the name had been lost in translation; that perhaps that was the proposed name of the blaster only in non-english speaking countries like in Taiwan. Well, it's confirmed it's Quick 16 in English so that blew that out of the water.

That being said, here's a Vulcan EBF-25 box from the UK (arguably.. the BIRTHPLACE of the English language) and check out the name of it there? Funny thing is even on the official Hasbro Great Britain site, the image of the blaster still says "Vulcan" :)

Official Hasbro GB site listing for Nerf Havok Fire


  1. I think Havok Fire sounds cooler than "Vulcan".

  2. I agree it sounds way better and since GB is the birthplace of the English language it should be named this instead. :P

  3. maybe nerf is changing the Vulcan's Name

  4. havok fire sounds cool

  5. i don't know why (possibly copyright issues) but it has always been called the havok fire in the uk, even though we all call it the vulcan =P hey, whatever it's called, getting one for free's always nice =D