Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Soaker Hydro Cannon: iSoaker.com gets it!

Super Soaker Hydro Cannon | image courtesy of iSoaker.com
Dem good peeps at iSoaker.com have gotten their hands on the much anticipated Super Soaker Hydro Cannon. Reviews thus far sound pretty decent; they've reported that it's like a Super Soaker Flash Flood permanently on the Flash Flood mode (hence the recoil). Trigger is reportedly very large and smooth and they're already talking about what they can do to it to turn it into a beast:)

For Nerf fans, the goods and the bads is the shield attachment DOES reportedly attach to the side via compatible tactical rails, however it mounts to the side:

Super Soaker Hydro Cannon shield | image courtesy of iSoaker.com
Anyway, you can read more on the the iSoaker forums or have a look at more detailed photos of the Hydron Cannon. We at UT are hoping to get ours real soon.. but we're at the mercy of our suppliers!

Hands On: Super Soaker Hydro Cannon via iSoaker.net
Super Soaker Hydro Cannon images via iSoaker.com


  1. that thing looks like a beast.

  2. http://www.amazon.com/Nerf-Super-Soaker-Hydro-Cannon/dp/B00416OVUY?&camp=212361&linkCode=wsw&tag=isoakercom&creative=380793

    Its available on amazon.

  3. their out where i am. i could probably sell u one.

  4. ^ where abouts are you?

  5. hey urban taggers,notice that the tactical rail is a bit diagonal, but I think if it were to go onto a normal Nerf gun,it wouldn't be as much on the side, and more facing up

  6. hey can u do a topic of nerfs for night missions including the nerf deploy and firefly

  7. If you are from the UK this is exclusive to Argos


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