Thursday, January 6, 2011

Uber Mavericks (courtesy of Dim Daemond)

Not one.. not two, but three, three barrels to count..ahh- ha ha ha ha
Back in August, 2010 we did a post on some pretty impressive Maverick REV-6 mods, courtesy of Dim Daemond from Nerf Haven. Sure, this may be old news, but we were so impressed, we just had to follow it up and feature a pic or two of the triple barrel Maverick he did.

They're Mavericks Jim, but not as we know it..
Pretty cool. (Pics courtesy of Dim Daemond via Nerf Haven)


  1. best mod I've ever seen in my life.

  2. Cool, but Mavs suck anyway.

  3. i like the double shot mavrick

  4. do you think i should get a new maverick(my maverick broke when i was attempting to mod it)

  5. eh think dim daemond is prety col guy, eh make mavirkes pimp and dosen't afraid of anything