Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nerf Dart Tag 2011 commercial: Behind the scenes

The Abercrombie + Fitch models needed to blow off some steam..
Nerf have released some "behind the scenes" pics of their new Dart Tag commercials. Thats right folks, those square jawed teens weren't just the figments of some graphic designer's mind, they're real dudes. Dudes who look like..college frat boys. Or background models from a Pro-Activ commercial.

While I appreciate a strong population of the Nerf world are male and heterosexual and concerned more about the gear these guys are carrying rather than the dudes themselves, I can't help wonder if Nerf might also be attempting to go after the female population somewhat.. or you know what would be really smart? Mums. Mums who buy their boys toys and need some convincing. Mums who want their boys to grow up to bring home friends like THIS. In marketing, nothing is coincidental...

2011 Nerf Dart Tag Commercial - Behind the Scenes via Nerf Nation/Facebook


  1. Or perhaps it is just bandwagon advertising. After all, most of us guys can tell when another guy is considered attractive, even though that doesn't mean WE'RE attracted to them. Companies don't choose attractive women to model bikinis because they are trying to sell to MEN... I think that they chose the models they did both because of the "appeal to mothers" principle, and because, when seeing the commercial, we will automatically make a subconscious connection between the Dart Tag blasters and looking... well... like "college frat boys", as Pocket so eloquently put it. And who doesn't want to look hot? :p

    On a completely unrelated subject, the Sharp Shot is most certainly an awesome blaster, as it is essentially a Dart Tag version of the Scout IX-3 with an extra holding tube. Still... must suck to be the only guy with a single-shot pistol on a team with a full-auto and two slamfires.

  2. I think a game type where each member of the team carries a different type of blaster would be interesting. You could allocate different roles for each person and it would still be fair in terms of game play mechanics because the other team have the same fit out. It'd be kind of like Team Fortress. :)

  3. yeah like team fortress with the useless guy with the sharp shot who doesn't stand a chance against a full auto or 2 slam fires, poor guy, he picked the short straw.

  4. The Sharpshot could be the scout. Lightweight for running to one side of the field and back with the flag or somethin'!
    Or the sharpshot should be carried by everyone for when you're reloading and someone comes around the corner.

  5. Harpuia, don't forget the other team has the same handicap (if you want to call it that).
    Game play would definitely be more interesting. It'd be good to have 1 guy assigned with just a Sharp Shot as a scout with the primary goal of flag grabbing. the other 3 would be tasked with suppressing the opposing team. In my opinion I think this would be better than having a stale mate shoot out if everyone had a slamfire blaster.