Thursday, March 24, 2011

And... in case you missed it.. 50 round drum anyone?:P

50 round drum? Oooh.. close up of..ballz.
I realise my last post might have been a lil' cryptic, so I thought i'd make it more blatant. A few months ago we discussed the rumour of the 50 round Stampede drum..

There was a lot of speculation and I admit I was a doubter.. mainly because it looked like.. ballz:)

SG Nerf also posted on this and found official sources to debunk this as merely a concept that was never produced. Which would explain the crappy photoshopping:)

However.... this is the image from the Australian Toy Fair from last week, and admittedly my "zoom in..enhance" skills aren't as good as a hacker on a TV series, but I'm thinking that's looking PRETTY DAMN official to me. Unless there was another reason for them to display this box; but then looking around at the company it's keeping around it..why would they?

Stampede ECS-50.. pic courtesy of
Update: And thanks to a tip from a reader, here's a much clearer pic that definitely shows "Stampede ECS-50". Makes me wonder why show the concept box AND add the bonus darts tab on the right hand side?

SO we'll be buying another Barricade for the stock..and another Stampede for the drum.. Oh Nerf.. how you totally own my bank account!


  1. Bigger version

  2. that is sweet, but sadly i won't be buying it because of the money, but if mine broke or my brother got one or something then i might get my hands on it.

  3. and you know what, it says STAMPEDE ECS "50" on the box, that means everyone from last year who speculated that it was going to be a full automatic clip gun with a 50 dart drum were right, which means me! lol

  4. if this still stays at the $50 price i'll get it

  5. i reckon they were just showing the original concept design of the stampede. i dont think they'll sell these: they look heavy and impractical. i'm sticking with my 18 round clips.

  6. Just like any company they need to keep the rumour mill happening to create "unnecessary" hype. They (Hasbro/Nerf) likely threw this box in there to mess with us enthusiasts. That and chances are they didn't want to put themselves out of yet another $60-$100 sale by using a proper boxed Stampede :P

    I'd love to hear that the 50 Round Drum would exist but it's been debunked once before. I'm interested to see where clip systems can go, if further at all, with the advent of Vortex.

    Or maybe they are seriously thinking of pitting their own brands against themselves with this whole "Vortex vs. N-Strike" marketting. Perhaps Vortex will be a new, more sci-fi range of direct plungers up against the much-disputed reverse plunger systems.

    All I know is Hasbro has found a way into my mind and pocket to have me buying 85% of everything they release. *opens wallet to Hasbro reps* Here you go, it's all yours guys!

  7. That's a nice catch... and it also spells doom for my group here in the US if my avid Stampede user gets his hands on one. He's already destroying most people at our wars with his suped-up Stampede... giving him 50 rounds of continuous fire would only continue his reign of terror.

  8. I know you guys arent going to believe this but i might as well try, i was the one who first discovered the 50 drum mag. I saw it on the CANADIAN website, because i am CANADIAN. I then posted it on three specific websites, urban taggers (duh), nerf mods and reviews and noahs nerf (which is now a downed website) dont hate me if youre gonna be a hater.


  9. Respect for all Canadians- my brother in law is Canadian:)

  10. This would jam in a regular blaster. It would overheat in a electronic blaster. It still shoulb be made, despite these issues. Maybey the Nerf Stampede ECS-50 could become a blaster.

  11. Sigh... no 50 shot drum as of yet (in Australia anyway) and i believe the green thing on the end of the box is telling you that you get '100 extra bullets' or something of the like.
    would love to have the 50 shot drum though, would go awesomely with my stampfist (stampede+powerfist)