Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amazon ships Dart Tag to Australia: CONFIRMED

Now I really will have two of everything. I can start my own 4 a side DT league!

AWESOME! Our awesome UT hackers hacked into top e-tailer Amazon to perform a glitch, allowing them to ship valuable Nerf Dart Tag blasters to Australia...

Nah not really. As much as it makes for a better story and better rumours for haters to make up, in reality we got an email from a reader this morning (Thanks, T!) who found links to Amazon sellers that WILL ship to Australia. Remember how Amazon works- it all depends on what seller is providing the stock, so if you try to buy and it won't allow you to ship to Australia..try waiting a week or so. As you can see from the above, I managed to get through the process fine.

Perhaps a little TOO fine, I actually wasn't intending on buying anything, I just wanted to get through the process to prove it could work. Oops:P (I'll deal with the girlfriend's questions later...)

As always folks, prices AREN'T cheap due to shipping, but it's a matter of how much you want 'em.


  1. just go to walmart. amazon is a rip off.

  2. I just bought the quick 16 in America and right on the box its states "distributed in Australia by Australia Hasbro Ltd." I am assuming the new dart tag line will be available in Australia.

  3. I had a similar "mishap" with Fishpond the yesterday...

  4. what the heck is fishpond??????????????