Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nerf Dart Tag Competition Jersey Packaging.. but I can't try it on.. :P

Jersey in packaging- courtesy of Nerf Mods + Reviews
Browsing Nerf Mods + Reviews, they've got a pic of the new Dart Tag Official Competition Jerseys in packaging. I was always wondering how they were going to appear on shelves; I guess this makes sense:)

One thing I've mentioned before that is interesting, is the fact these jerseys actually fit ADULTS. Someone in Nerf land is definitely noticing that, just like with the video game industry, the target audience of the consumer is often older.. (and definitely bigger!)


  1. Pocket, the Dart Tag 2011 blasters are available for pre-order on Toys R Us, and the jerseys are available, too.

    --That One Dude--

  2. I had heard that the sizes would've been adult sizes. For now, they're only in "Small" and "Large" sizes. Looks I lucked out being a large to begin with!

    (Go Blue Team!)

  3. if you look closly, you can see a dart.... So does it come with one?

  4. Actually, if you look even more closely, that "dart" is cardboard and a part of the packaging, probably just to show that darts stick to the Velcro.

  5. If you read the "Includes:" list at the bottom-left, it only lists the Competition Jersey. Everything else is sold separately.