Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dart Tag Speedload 6: Pic spam

More yellow. Less Mellow:)
A friend of mine's kid came back from Singapore/Malaysia with one of these in tow; after weeks of promising to bring it around to show me, they finally popped over during the week with this Speedload 6. It does look different compared to my original prototype model (or stolen model, or we went thru Nerf's trash model, or we bought it from the Russians/Chinese/North Koreans model :P) with more yellow accents, but otherwise performs the same.

Surprisingly enough, the kid doesn't really like it; in true "i wanna be like the rest of my friends" fashion he was actually wanting a Raider/AT and said he finds the Speedload 6 difficult to reload and would prefer a clip. He also wants to mod it (doesn't everyone) but after my mate saw the Speedload 6 internals pics over at our friends at Dart Tag Australia's page, it was a "not gonna happen buddy" response:)

Sooo.. at this moment I've currently done a swap with the kid for one of my AT's for it ("just for a week" he says, just in case he doesn't like the AT!) so I could have the Speedload 6 to photograph.  SO how do we get our blasters? That's right, I do arms deals with 9 year old kids:P

Features a "darts go this way" graphic:)

In comparison to my own Speedload 6


  1. Good post. Of course, we did see the new color scheme for the 6, but seeing them both in the same picture gives you a much better perspective. Also, the little lip near the loading port looks much, much better now that it has something on it. It stuck out like a sore thumb.

    First comment! :) (Actually, I think I was the first to SEE the post, too. I refreshed my page, and there it was!

  2. LOL! arms deals with a 9 year old.

  3. I told you guys he's a nerf arms dealer.

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  5. I gotta say - I like my pre-release versions better than the actual release version. Kinda 'grungy'

    And mate - good to see you back on top of your game.