Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nerf Speedload 6 Slamfire..psst it's a secret!

Slamfire? It's like a DVD easter egg!
In a previous post I mentioned I was a little sheepish that after all this time I didn't realise my Nerf Dart Tag Speedload 6 had a slamfire functionality; we joked that it's actually worthwhile reading a manual (although who really does that!) for a change even though we didn't actually get a manual with our original pre release unit. Sure enough on testing it out, we confirmed it definitely CAN stand tall in true slamfire glory.

Well.. an interesting note for you all- I now have the official manual that we'll be giving away with our Speedload 6, and I feel a LITTLE better in knowing that it was a valid oversight- we've all gone through the manual with a keen eye and there's absolutely NO mention of slamfire functionality anywhere.

Nope nothing here..
I know, the first thing we did was try this with our Recons and other Nerf blasters (which we already did ages ago when we first got the Raider but of course just HAD to be sure!) and.. nup:P


  1. Perhaps Slamfire is going to be a standard built in function for all non-singleshot blasters. Or maybe it was just they got lazy and used the trigger and catch system as the Quick 16 :P

  2. Maybe you got a pre-release manual too:-P

  3. So now you've given me even more desire to have this as part of my arsenal. A reliable sidearm with Slamfire? Oh Hasbro you've already got my money... You want my house too?!