Sunday, March 20, 2011

SG Nerf: 2011 Nerf Dart Tag - Singapore Launch!

Crowds were particularly supportive of the 1st annual Blind Man challenge..
Official launch in Singapore set for mid April 2011 which is pretty exciting because that's not that far away, and they're already showing up in stores in the US (and to acknowledge all of the intel sent through from you all, yes available on the US Toys R Us website). It'd be fantastic if Nerf would prove us wrong and bring out an Australian launch soon...

You have to admit this is probably the most amount of hype Nerf's Dart Tag has ever gotten before. In a few months time when you're all out there charging around to commercial punk music tracks from Forever the Sickest Kids and laughing in slow mo' while leaping in the air in your new orange/blue jerseys with your new Dart Tag Swarmfire's, just remember Urban Taggers was where you heard it all first folks! From a pure marketing perspective, this is the power of social media and blogs like us gave Nerf a pretty decent 3-4 months ramp up of free publicity; which we don't mind doing for a good product:)

Other than the fact that the inner graphic designer in me can't stop laughing at all the Photoshop faux pas in this promo pic (and the fact it shows Nerf Dart Tag really isn't about shooting and violence as noone's aiming at anyone) I'm kinda impressed at Nerf's commitment to raising the stakes of Dart Tag. I'd be interested to see if it does ever get genuine arena style coverage but tell me this pic doesn't make you think "man if that ever comes here my team would TOTALLY pwn":) My best mate already came up with a quirky team name for us.. and we don't even war!:P

Read more on the actual launch (sorry I digressed a little!) here:
SG Nerf: 2011 Nerf Dart Tag - Singapore Launch!

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  1. will the new dart tag glasses and the quick 16 and the speed load 6 be relsed in the uk