Thursday, March 24, 2011

Speedload 6: Get ready cos we're giving ours away! (Australian residents)

Oh yes. It could be yours. Really.
So the Dart Tag 2011 line has been officially released, and our US friends are gradually picking them up and gushing about their sheer awesomeness.. but as for us in Australia.. there's not a whole lot of mention m'fraid. We can hope it'll be soon, but given there was no sign of them at the Australian Toy Hobby and Nursery Fair, it might not happen for a while.

So you know what? After heavy negotiations with a 9yo child (who apparently barely used it anyway because it was too bulky/heavy for him and NOT an Alpha Trooper) we got our hands on a Speedload 6.. and given we ourselves have already got our pre-release unit.. we're going to give this new Speedload 6 away. (The plan was originally to get someone to mod it, but because it's such a #$%@ to open we're not going to bother)

One lucky Australian reader will win our Speedload 6 complete with manual and a set of new blue and white tipped dart tag darts. I know, I know. It's not as good as a brand new one in box. But who do you know who's giving one of those away in Australia, hmm?:)

SO how to enter? Well to be honest..we actually haven't worked that out yet:P We know it'll probably be via Facebook, and we'll make it a lil' simpler this time compared to our Christmas giveaway, but we're still ironing out the final details. My friends are still dirty with me for even doing this in the first place (charity starts at home JT says)

We'll officially announce the start of the competition sometime on Sunday this weekend (that'll be the 27th March 2011) We'll give you a whole two weeks to enter. Sound good? Cool. Watch this space. At least on Sunday:)


  1. shweeet. I think I'll try my luck with importing a quick 16 from Singapore when they launch them next month. I hope Black Tactical stocks them (or some other online store in Singapore that will ship internationally).

  2. You're giving me an opportunity to win a Speedload 6?! REALLY?? I'm all over that! I look forward to what Sunday brings! Oh Pocket you sure know how to make a fellow Nerfer happy ^_^

  3. Time to move to Australia! Wait... they have those on shelves here. Nevermind.

    That's awfully thoughtful of you guys to do this though. From folks who have all 4 of the new Dart Tag Blasters, I've heard people liking this one most as far as performance goes. Best of luck to you all!

  4. I have bought all 4 blasters and I have also modified each one. The range difference is quite amazing. In all honesty, it is not that hard to mod these guns if you are semi good with your hands. If anyone needs help modifying just let me know :)

  5. Pocket,
    Does Urban Taggers have a Sharp Shot? I feel like you do, but I don't know if you've confirmed that... Which of the four do you feel is best, for its class of blaster? (i.e., is the 6 a good mid-size handgun, is the 16 good compared to the Raider/AT, etc.)

    P.S.: How useful is the Speedload 6's slamfire in reality? I mean, with only six rounds...

  6. Well, I am dirt poor, so I would love one.

    I will be entering.