Sunday, March 20, 2011

X-Shot Sidewinders available: KMart (Aus)

After my experiences with the Thundershot..I'm just not game.
The X-Shot range of blasters shoot both darts and water; the X-Shot Stealth was surprisingly very good, whereas the Thundershot was the worst blaster we'd ever had the "pleasure" of reviewing. In any case, I can't bring myself to buy the Sidewinder, which doesn't feature a trigger and seems to just slide back and forth to fire; however they're $25 bucks from K-Mart if anyone's willing to do the deed and tell me what you think:)


  1. What? that was in my kmart about a month ago.

  2. well its okay, okay ranges like 20-25 feet and you can fire really fast


  3. but, you could get a maverick instead
    I didn't buy it, no trigger mechanism=gay

  4. thought these were pretty good

  5. where do u refill the water in

  6. Pretty dissapointing results considering I found the Stealth to be, once AR'ed, better than an AR'ed Nite Finder. Biggest issue, besides crap ranges, was that the barrel would often not line up properly with the plunger tube, causing 'dribble firing.'
    In response to an earlier question, you fill it by dunking the barrel into water and pulling back on the handle.