Thursday, February 9, 2012

Airzone 8 Dart Blaster Combo Pack.

I saw this on Tactical Tag today; a new repaint of the HVZ Zombie fighter blaster but labelled as an Air Zone 8 Darts Blaster Combo Pack. I am really liking the look of Air Zone gear lately- their colour schemes are awesome and this particular combo pack raises the bar from the original HVZ unit by including a variety of attachments (how useful they are is questionable, but they look pretty tough?!) that can be attached to the blaster in a variety of ways.

The blaster is equipped with tactical rails on the top and bottom of the blaster; what is just that lil' bit cooler is the tactical rails are actually compatible with Nerf attachments (and therefore assumably vice versa). I quite liked this blaster (although the grip is a tad short) when it originally came out with the HvZ paint, so I'm quite interested in what these new attachments are all about:)


  1. That is a very weird looking blaster....

  2. Um, has anyone noticed that the device at upper left is a GRENADE LAUNCHER? Just below it is a foam missile - look at the small photo lower right!

    1. Just noticed this myself. Very awesome!

  3. ^If its compatible with nerf, that'd be so legit

  4. A nerf n00b t00b, eh? I really think Nerf should make their own. It sucks how they're always like 'OMG IT HAZ A TACTICAL RAIL!' yet there's barely anything to put on it. I have no clue why the Pinpoint sight was never advertised. That thing looked awesome. That's why I made my own. And it's awesome. I tried to make my own noob toob too, but it's hard to make a blaster out of a cardbard tube, two rubber bands and some popsicle sticks.

  5. Hey UT,
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    If you could update it for me that'd be great