Sunday, February 5, 2012

GI Joe Retaliation: New gear

The upcoming GI-Joe Retaliation film has some pretty amazing toys to tie-in with its release; I've been waiting for N-Force Nunchuks for AGES, and while it's hard to tell if these are foam or not, if they are, I'm gonna be getting my Ninja Turtle on in a big way:) More cool stuff after the jump, including revamps of the Nerf Dart Tag Fury Fire, and some very cool masks that might just mean for an alternatives to the ol' Iron Man ones we've sported for a while now..

The Ninja Commando Blaster. Fury Fire- only prettier:)
Battle Kata Blaster. Novel, but shoots dumb darts.
Blade of Justice. N-Force perhaps?:D
Special Ops Mask. Looking pretty tough...
Storm Shadow Ninja mask.. I like it
Snake Eyes Ninja mask.. potential...
New G.I. Joe Retaliation Movie Action Figures in Stores – March 2012


  1. The SpecOps mask does it for me

  2. whats that thing on top of the fury fire, sight?

  3. That Battle Kata Blaster looks just like a M4 Shuriken from Mass Effect 2. Gonna get one for Cosplay, despite the dumb darts and the fact that it is obviously only spring powered.

  4. Yes, please let that thing on top of the Fury Fire be a Red Dot, like the rare Pinpoint Sight, I doubt it though.

  5. looked up on the Battle Kata Blaster, and it comes apart in 3 pieces, The grip comes apart of the body, and that weird lump on the bottom is a blad which looks like it connects with the grip, so a pistol AND a knife in one? me likey

  6. oh man I just love that snake eyes mask :D