Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dart Tag: Sharp Shot gets updated

Nerf did a pretty good job at re-releasing their Dart Tag line last year but the one blaster I felt let the side down was the single firing Sharp Shot. It looked awesome (and to be honest performed pretty well once modded) but out of the box, it was pretty ordinary to say the least, compared to its big brothers.

Turns out Nerf will be re-releasing the Sharp Shot; have a look at the above images of the new 2012 Dart Tag 2 Player Starter Pack and you'll see that green bar that says "fires farther than ever!". Other subtle changes are the new coloured training vests, and the Sharp Shot itself sporting a new BLUE trigger, a la the Speed Swarm. This is interesting- while it's common for blasters to be re-released with aesthetic changes (eg repaints or movie tie-in rebrands) , it's not very common at all for them to be updated for performance.

As always, this is just intel, but no doubt they'll be on shelves sometime this year.


  1. this is what i like about nerf, they finally did whats right and listened to the nerf community, instead of just making a new blaster that sucks. they fixed what was wrong with the first one

  2. but now they are taking it too far, making a knock off of the raider but calling it something else, THATS WHY WE HATE BUZZ BEE