Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toy Spy: Toy Fair 2012 photos

The New York Toy Fair is always the one to watch for new blaster products; unfortunately New York is a tad far away from wee Canberra, Australia so we have to live vicariously through our US pals to bring us the news:) Toy Spy have got a fantastic gallery of images from the Hasbro stand; I've gone through and posted the relevant ones here, but do go over and check out their site to see more Hasbro goodness. Images after the jump.

The Battle Kata blaster/sword, Fury Fire repaint and some mad looking masks

More GI Joe goodness

The Avengers movie tie in gear

A Big Bad Bow/Hawkeye bow

The Thor Hammer

Captain American wannabe Maverick

Captain America shield
Nerf Stand.. ooh la la..

Nerf sporting gear and other products

Ahh.. blaster goodness..
Check out that Snapfire 8.. looks intriguing!

More random Nerf branded products

Fire Vision night time light up sports gear

Nerf Elimination kit gets revamped with Jolts and a Clue branding
Lazer Tag is back..whooooo:)

Koosh- projectile blasters aimed at wee tackers



  1. What is the vortex looking gun hidden in the first gi joe picture

  2. Different color jolts!? Must convince somebody.....

  3. Hmmm... Nerf bike holds Nerf Maverick? Well, I always wondered about something like that. But I saw it as more of a Barricade or Speedswarm thing... and in a position that you might actually fire it from... Oh, well. :P

  4. Anyone else notice the Nerf Wingstick-esque boomerang on this display?
    Have I just missed that all these years, or is it new?

  5. The Snapfire and updated Sharpshot... The first I've seen of them. Have you posted anything about the Snapfire? Oh yeah, new jolts too. Those are neat, I wonder if they have any new features. Probably not.

  6. Hey UrbanTaggers. I live in NY. Next year contact me and I can go as your "representative" Im the Masterkey Recon guy.

  7. @ 1st anonymous: just below the Fury Fire's handle you can see a spare whistle-tip dart and a few little plastic peg-darts, I suspect they're the ammo for that "vortex looking gun". @ crazycon: Foam From Above has a bit of info about the Snapfire 8. basically it's a trigger only semi-auto with a mysterious adjustable range device so the user can choose between range or rapid-fire.

    On a side note, I like the old RadioShack speakers in pic 2 on that GI Joe stand. It's been a while since I've seen those, I'm wondering if that's something out of the blue (put there by mistake), or if they're actually a GI Joe product... 'cause they were really nice 'till I accidentally snapped the plug...

  8. That reminds me.. When are we gonna get the Jolt in Australia?

  9. That koosh stuff might actually be decent.

  10. The Koosh pull-back pistol looks like it would be a BEAST if converted to fire Micros.

    These Koosh look good for modders, since they have been getting no attention from Nerf.

  11. you know the second picture i noticed something funny yet sad, the pistol in the back, the one that looks like it has a hanguard. looks awfully familiar. oh wait that's a design i saw at this website http://www.poseidon.co.jp/2F/VIPER/VIPER_1.html