Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Avengers Roleplay toys

Following the Hawkeye inspired Nerf Big Bad Bow, just a few more images of more upcoming Avengers film tie in gear. Most of it is repackaged gear from the older movies, but the interesting piece is the Captain America Brigade Blaster, a size shooter blaster that seems to have it's cues from the Nerf Maverick, but using its own slimmer darts."Can it shoot Nerf darts" will be the obvious question on most lips, AND I think it's interesting that for the Hawkeye Bow they just rereleased the Big Bad Bow, but for this Brigade Blaster it's a totally different blaster. I guess maybe there CAN be too many Maverick repaints...

The rest of the merchandise after the jump.

Captain America Attack Shield

Thor Thunder Clash Hammer

Iron Man Tri Power Repulsor

Iron Man Tri Power Repulsor


  1. I'm calling it now, only the Hawkeye Triple Bee is going to be any good, the darts on these ones all look like crap, and the disks on the shield look like the same as in all those countless disc blasters that have come out over the years (lanard's zip shot, the supermaxx disk blaster et cetera).

  2. The Brigade Blaster is obviously going to suck out of the box, but it's basic shape looks better than the maverick (it's paint job currently reminds me of an ice cream truck snack) I'd be surprised if the brigade blaster doesn't have the exact same internals of the old maverick, while changing the barrel to remove the post and making it flat at the bottom instead to fit the darts.
    I can't wait to tear into one of these though, and giving it a worthy paint job. Only sad part is that they got rid of the tac rail, but i guess replacing the priming grip with an old mav one could solve that if it doesn't ruin the overall look.

  3. Why didn't they use the Nerf Vortex line ammo and repaint them as Captain America Shields? That ammo alone would sell better than a streamlined-birth-defect-Maverick.

    And unless they release a 1:1 Mjolnir made out of the same material as the Nerf Swords, color me uninterested in that as well.