Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16- we got one:)

There she is folks. Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16. She's you beaut and a bag of chips.
Lo and behold, we've managed to score ourselves a working unit of the new Quick 16, just in time for the New Year:) Told you we'd hit 2011 with a bang:)

The Quick 16 is one of the new upcoming Dart Tag blasters scheduled to be released sometime in 2011. Our test unit came complete with darts and manual which suggests this blaster is not far off from making it into stores. It's a 16 round capacity blaster that takes its cues from the Nerf N-Strike Raider CS-35  both in form and functionality, but with an in built ammo storage 'clip'.

So how good is it really? From our tests.. it's AWESOME. (warning- picture intensive post- apologies for those with slower connections. We'll post the images on our Facebook page as well)

Quick 16 on all new storage crate background!:)
The first thing I noticed with the Quick 16 is how solid it feels. These new Dart Tag blasters feel a lot thicker and sturdier than their N-Strike cousins- they're made of a different plastic and the form, right down to the barrels and grips feel thicker than what we're used to with N-Strike. If you hold the blaster by the barrel, it definitely feels wider than the Raider or Alpha Trooper do.  I joke the new Dart Tag blasters are almost made for "man hands", which for many Nerfers out there will be a welcome bonus.

Quick 16 with the jam door open
 The Quick 16 is still quite light weight though, and features the same "Bumblebee" styling as the Swarmfire. High tech looking panels, rounded edges with dark yellow and black accents; the blasters look amazing. Still, all that aside, as a blaster the Quick 16 isn't that different in design to holding a Raider or Alpha Trooper. It features many elements similar to N-Strike- for instance there's a jam door that can be slid open like with some of the CS branded blasters.

Yes, We have no. Bananas.
The Quick 16 has an interesting spring loaded internal ammo storage 'clip' that has a slight curve, similar to a real life banana clip (it's yellow too!) It takes regular dart tag velcro darts, and also accomodates sonic whistlers. Suction cap darts also work, but are a little squishy to fit in the slot when inserting. As reported earlier, Streamlines are a no go, they just don't fire and result in jamming. (we also gave some "Blue Stingers" a run, courtesy of Neil from the Canberra + Southern NSW Dart Tag crew which also worked a treat)
In case you forgot which review you're reading.. 16:)
With darts in the banana clip.
 On the side of the banana clip is an opening to show you how many darts you have left. 16 is a pretty decent amount to be carrying and is a good increase on the old Furyfire's as far as dart capacity is concerned.

Loading a swanky new dart tag dart
And, in you go.
And.. cocked and ready in chamber.. pew pew pew
Above the banana clip is a dart loading slot- it's as simple as pushing a dart down into the slot to reload the blaster. This is how you reload the Quick 16, and you can just keep sliding in more darts to capacity on the fly while you're playing. This is a great feature, and is more suited to Dart Tag style games rather than having to remove and reload actual clips like with the CS blasters, or slide the darts into a barrel like with the Fury fires. At times you do feel like you're squishing your darts on insert, but after a while you do get used to it.

The front hand grip/cock. And some..gills.
Once the darts are loaded, just like with the Raider it's as simple as cocking back the front grip and the top dart is then loaded into the chamber ready to fire. 

The Quick 16 has the same 'Slam Fire' capabilities as the Raider and the Alpha Trooper; it works the same way but feels sturdier than with the N-Strike blasters. The manual doesn't even call it Slam Fire, but "Rapid Fire" which is interesting.
It's a dart tag gun alright. And check that rear butt. Baby got back.
The rear design of the Quick 16 reveals a butt very similar to N-Strike blasters that have a stock attachment mount; however the Quick 16's mount is quite a bit thicker than the N-Strike blasters' and therefore does NOT support any existing N-Strike stocks (be it the Recon, Raider or Spectre stocks). While I think this is a shame, these blasters ARE thicker than N-Strike blasters, so I guess it makes sense they'll need their own independent stocks. Interestingly enough, the Quick 16 DOESN'T come with a stock, suggesting that there will be after market stocks available. Which would be very cool.
Big Butt. I cannot lie.
No fitty no Stocky,
 The Quick 16 is quite a compact blaster- when you put it head to head with an Alpha Trooper or Raider it's not that different in physical length. Performance wise, it's very good. I'm actually quite surprised at its power- perhaps because it's also using the Dart Tag darts, but I found the ranges were surpassing out of the box Alpha Troopers and with more accuracy. I'll do some test videos when I can real soon, but for now it's definitely a lot more impressive than I thought it'd be.
Quick 16 against an Alpha Trooper.
So what's the verdict? Given I LOVE my AT and Raider.. I absolutely love this thing. It looks sensational, it's solid to hold and it works a treat. The easy reloading on the fly via the top slot totally works for me, it means it's just a matter of carrying a sack of whistler/dart tag darts and this blaster and i'm ready to go as I can fire several rounds and load up more darts while I'm ducking for cover. I'm a real fan of the styling of these new Dart Tag blasters, and I think it's fantastic that they're actually designing blasters around the game and breaking out of the N-Strike poor cousin status. No tactical rails.. no biggie to be honest:)

I'm of the belief these new Dart Tag blasters will be out in the early half of 2011; They're obviously being manufactured, there's official in box manuals, new blue and white darts are also ready to go and there's mention of the new Dart Tag jerseys. I'd say it's only a matter of months till we start seeing them on shelves. I'd have NO idea how much they'd go for or where they'll come out first. All I can say right now is they'll be worth the wait.

Update: They're starting to pop up on eBay but they're not cheap; still sometimes if you wanna be a bleeding edger you gotta be willing to cough up the dough. Amen to Eric though, he's my man!

A few more pics just for funsies below:)

Down the barrel of the Quick 16

The front grip from the other side

In hand
From different angles
It has an eyelet on the grip.. but nothing at the front to attach a shoulder strap
Underside of the Banana clip

From the front


  1. Any more news on the "quick 6"?

  2. Nice, but I'm hanging out for the pistol version.

  3. I knew it!and I bet you have the pistol too! Come on Pocket, share and share alike! Lets see it

  4. Wow! You're such a lucky guy to have all these unreleased blasters. It also seems like the new dart tag blasters are marketed toward "older" nerfers, with its improved sturdiness/size, lack of useless accessories, and relatively bigger handels.

  5. Hi, does it work well with whistler darts:)

    1. he said it did i bet u didn't read it did u

  6. Yup:) Whistlers are a go. A tad squishy to insert, but they fire nicely with no jamming.

  7. I'm thinking. It looks like it's the blaster when cocking the thing to get the darts into position in the new clip. Could it be possible building a "funnel" and modding the entrance of the weapon so you can just drop 50 darts and just get them loaded??

    I think we have huge possibilities here!

  8. Wow, you're lucky to have Mr.Eric with you... I really want to try it out, despite the fact that I'm, well jealous that the Raider(fav gun) does not have this load-any-time function. Though, if I'm keen on it, I might be able to take out the plastic window to insert darts there. But then, the darts might fall out...:(

  9. Am I the only one who thinks this thing looks absolutely ridiculous? I can guarantee it's a reshelled Raider, or maybe a reshelled Stampede with no automatic mode, only manual. However, judging by the giant cap on the back, it's probably a reverse plunger. Anyway, would you mind doing some range tests (compared to a Trooper and Raider) and compare the priming stroke (how far back it needs to go before you hear the catch lock the plunger back) to a Raider?

  10. Hmm... I'm really curious how the whole clip and chambering system goes. Well a video for this is definitely a must.

  11. the manual says: you can load darts at any time by pushing the slam fire handle all the way forward. shouldn't it say backward, thats how it works with the raider or is it you can load darts while the handle is forwards unlike pulling the handle back with the raider to take out the clip?

  12. Which is better in your opinion, quick 16 or swarmfire?, also, which has better range. Does the swarmfire have better rate of fire than the stampede?

  13. can you show us internals please

  14. That is really interesting, I wonder how much it will cost. I wish you got a hold of the pistol, thought.

  15. video of shooting please

  16. The tube at the butt of the blaster, Does it appear to go into the shell or is it glued to the outside. I ask because on the raider there are two little screws which can be removed to remove the tube. This blaster appears to be missing anyway to remove that.

  17. How did you get it?

  18. i reckon the new dart tag guns will have a special stock to buy sepratley

  19. does it come with the new dart tag darts or the old ones?

  20. awsome gun i think its gonna be fantastic

  21. I saw this blaster on the official nerf website. I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that means it has been released!:)

  22. it is not on the nerf website?

  23. tell me where you get them and when you can??? it was not on the nerf website! please help ;]

  24. Will this have a revearse plunger, or direct?

  25. Can i ask a question as for you, how would u rate this gun in term of
    " Usability: /10
    Out of the box performance: /10
    Cool factor: /10
    Price point: /10

    (As you always do)

  26. Wow, its really cool, I hope to get one. The design is fantastic. I was wondering if it breaks its dart's back ends like it does with the raider, alphatrooper, recon, and anything with a clip system.

  27. Is this compatible with NERF N-Strike streamline darts? because this could function for more than dart tag. also want this gun and its pistol version. this gun, FTW!

  28. hey do you know anywhere i can get one for my eight year old nerfatron?

  29. I saw one on! I think am getting one tomorrow!

  30. I have one. It's pretty good, but it sometimes chews up my darts, I've already lost 4. I think the stock, if they make one, is doing to hook into the circle at the bottom of the handle because the thing at the back doesn't have any way to hook a stock to it, it's too smooth.

  31. I would trade both of my CS blasters for this.

  32. I got this gun for my birthday, and it's getting about 35 foot ranges stock. And now my bandolier is really useful, since I can carry extra tagger darts and load individually. I'm probably going to repaint the yellow parts red though. I love red and black.

  33. bought one today and all it does is jam over and over

  34. I have a problem with this weapon; I'm wondering whether or not to buy it due to its mixed reviews. Some people say it's amazingly reliable and some say that it chews up darts. Could someone please clarify this for me?

  35. Definitely get this thing. One of my friends had one at a nerf war tonight, he let me use it for a few rounds. It only jams if you're an idiot( no offense) and if it does jam, catch it early and everything will be fine. I will be going tomorrow to pick up my own for ONLY 20 bucks. I was expecting to pay 40 bucks and gladly do it. It is a bit like the Vulcan, as far as jamming goes, me and my friends know how to use it without jamming it... Hands down buy this thing, trust me... It will be some of the most fun you have ever had with 20 dollars!!
    P.S, this thing can fire really fast, with GREAT accuracy. Have fun!

  36. Why better acccuracy? Look in pic 15 closely and you'll see rifling! Hope this is useful. :)

    Nerffan of Nerf Blasters and Accesories

  37. i have it its sitting right beside me with my maverick and my scope holder

  38. Chews up darts. So disappointed because it looks, feels awesome. Awesome range. But I have lost four darts in two hours.