Friday, July 5, 2013

Box art for Nerf Zombie strike Hammershot: Target (US)

Thanks to everyone who sent this to me; that mysterious Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot now gets official box art to go with the images we saw a while back. Hasbro Australia made it official for us with their press release, but it looks like it's made an appearance on the official Target US website. 
What I'm seeing here is a new visual design here, not just in the blaster but with their box art going with more of a comic artwork feel than the traditional "grim- dude- in- black- turtleneck" design. Also noticing the bright yellow darts and the "Only at Target" badge. 

What's also quirky is the complete lack of PR material on the Zombie Strike line and it pops up on a Target US website just like that, whereas the Rebelle line has been very public and vocal over the past 6 months and it still hasn't made it to shelves yet. In contrast, our official info from Hasbro Australia gave us the dates/names of the Zombie Strike gear straight up, but we were given a "watch this space" word on Rebelle. Interesting huh?!

It's being listed at $14.99 US so assuming it'll be under 20 bucks here in Australia if/when it's released. Keen?


  1. The Targets at Canada better be finished and open by the time these babies come in.

  2. I'm going to run a couple of my theories together here. One: Zombiestrike will be the first in a series of "themes" released over the next few years. Two: they know that this release will be big and likely very successful in the already-in-hand boy market and they don't want it to overshadow their attempt to garner the support of the girls with the Rebelle theme.

  3. I have 2 things i want to know about this.. does this have elite ranges? and if so. will it be nerfed in Australia?

  4. yesterday i cheked on target website and i found nerf zombiestrike hammershot, sledgefire and darts . today i searched nerf zombiestrike and i got 0 results on

  5. Im excited about this new theme. The whole zombie thing is really cool. Now i wonder if maybe we'll get a rifle like a longshot or a rpg launcher. lets see what the guys at NERF does.