Monday, July 1, 2013

US Nerf Media Bash round up: Foam from Above

A few of the US bloggers have been lucky enough to be invited to a media event showcasing all of the new Nerf gear for this year. There's not a whole lot that we don't already know but Foam from Above's got a pretty comprehensive round up of what went on and what to expect in the coming months. Alas we don't have anything like this going on in Australia but that's ok. We have great healthcare. :P

Nerf "Bash at the Beach!" - Nerf Centurion, Nerf Rapidstrike, Nerf Revonix 360, AND the Nerf Rebelle!


  1. Urban Taggers got some great coverage souts by haha :D

    I agree nothing new... but maybe it's time to hear Pockets POV rant over leaks vs official news - I meant did we have this degree of leaks when the Elite was about to be released last year? Did last years party actually bring something new to the table unlike this year? Lets hear you break it down man! :D

  2. either the rapidstrike is tiny, or the revonix is frickin' huge!!!!