Friday, July 19, 2013

Nerf Powerplay 2013 tournament: So much awesome in Singapore..

Singapore just seems to rock it when it comes to Nerf events. This vid from "Big Three Productions" showcases the official close quarters 3 on 3 Powerplay tournament and it looks awesome. Interesting how they've integrated the N-Strike Elite gear into the Dart Tag world- we're spotting Strong Arms and Rough Cut 4x2's mixing it with Quick 16's. Check out the vid after the jump. Cheers JB for the link!

Hasbro Nerf 2013 from Big Three Productions


  1. They had nerf elite spectres there, I haven't seen those before

  2. A lot of the Elite range make for good Dart Tag blasters. If you shoot someone with a Roughcut though, does that count as one shot or two?

  3. Loads of pictures on this: and :D