Friday, July 19, 2013

New Nerf on Amazon UK

A quick one- A glance at Amazon's UK site shows three of the upcoming Rebelle line blasters and the much anticipated N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 are listed and some even in stock now. At this stage this is as far as I could have gotten as they're not shipping to Australia (sigh) but hey, our UK friends can benefit from this before anyone else worldwide

(Amazon US is still showing September for the Rapidstrike and nada for the Rebelle at this stage)


  1. Funny How Mylastdart hasn't reported on this yet. they're pretty much spamming everywhere else constantly.

    1. We did a shout on Southern Brisbane Nerf Club find at Tesco UK, a grocery chain that is selling them now on the shelves :)

    2. MLD works tirelessly to bring us the latest Nerf news ASAP. I on the other hand like sleep too much and am often late with my posts. If MLD's spamming keeps us informed and up to date, then I say, spam on MLD!

      Oh, and I did a post about this 2 days ago:

  2. Tesco in the UK is also stocking these and putting them on preorder. Huzah we brits can get to it first!

  3. Here in Canada at toysrus the rapid strike is available already