Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Brick Gun Book: 30 percent discount for UT readers!

Lego is definitely one of the all time success stories in the toy world, being around since the late 1940's and still maintaining its place as one of the best selling toys of all time. We love Lego, but it's not something we'd normally cover under Urban Taggers; well not until we picked up this very cool book from dem good peeps at geek culture publisher 'No Starch Press'. They do some very cool books on a variety of geeky stuff but it's their Lego related publications that I love- not quite the normal Lego models you'd get in stores, with some really tough looking (and somewhat realistic) replicas of guns that fire rubber bands:)

This particular publication we received  is called "The BrickGun Book" and has pretty easy to follow detailed instructions to build a number of working (ie shooting rubberbands) pieces. Admittedly in the beginning I was like "I dunno.. not sure if this is my thing"- several hours later (and admittedly my working model is currently somewhat multicoloured as I don't have that many black pieces!)  I'm a fan:) 

The book is available from most book retailers- Amazon, Barnes + Noble etc, but No Starch have been pretty cool in giving our readers a substantial 30 PERCENT OFF discount to our readers if they order the book on their website- just punch in 'TAGGERS' on checkout and the coupon works for both buying the physical and digital copies of the book. (Coupon might even work for other books from their line too, haven't checked just yet

More samples of the book's pages after the jump:) Thanks Jess from No Starch Press for the coupon code!


  1. I bought this a while back. Guns work surprisingly a lot better than I thought and from a distance my wife thought it was a real gun (ok so she's short sighted but still)

    They're not too comfortable to hold in the hand though being Legos, but as a display piece they look great.

  2. Anyone ever built a Lego gun that shoots Nerf darts?

    1. Maybe if you somehow put Nerf gun internals in a Lego shell.

  3. Actually, Yes Kevin, I've seen one on Nerf Haven.