Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reddit: How much do you Nerf completionists need to save for 2013?:)

So, if you, like me tend to have to get EVERY blaster that comes out from Nerf, you'll find this season there's QUITE a lot on offer.Reddit contributor Mike Jonas and some other dudes (including Mr K) have put together an estimate of how much exactly you'll need to have on your credit card/in your wallet to be able to purchase everything that we've been discussing over the past few months. This is of course US dollars, so adjust accordingly:P  Check it out after the jump:)

Centurion: $49.99
MEGA refill: $ 6.99
Rapidstrike: $39.99
Blazin Bow: $19.99
Revonix 360: $39.99
Hammershot: $14.99
Sledgefire: $27.99
ZS Darts: $9.99
App Cradle: $14.99
Stockade: $21.99
Elite Spectre: $19.99 (conjecture)

SUBTOTAL: $267 (rounding up all the stray pennies) 


Power Pair: $12.99
Guardian Crossbow: $24.99
Heartbreaker Bow: $19.99
Pink Crush: $9.99
Wildshot: $19.99 ("Sweet Revenge" kit with eyewear and holster)
Mission Central App Cradle: $14.99
Rebelle Dart Refill: $6.99
Accessory Bag: $14.99



Praxis: $24.99
Diatron: $19.99
Vigilon: $15.99
Proton: $9.99
Pyragon: $39.99 (not counted: redeco refills)


SONIC ICE ELITE (known models, MSRP)

Rampage: $32.99
Hailfire: $39.99
Retaliator: $26.99


...for a grand total of a mere... $602.

Okay, what's the tally/anticipated financial damage for the foreseeable future so far? via Reddit


  1. Man, I gotta come up w ii th $500 for the Xbox one and now I need like $200 for various nerf guns. By the way does the centurion come out in August or October, I keep hearing both?

    1. August 1st I believe it ships out. So wait a couple days after so it can hit most stores

    2. It's already out in some other countries, but it'll be out in North America in August, and the UK it should be out in Sept-Oct.

  2. only £69 for me

  3. Any idea as to when the Sledgefire comes out? It looks like a great blaster! And is there any word about there being shell refills?

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  5. I'd argue that the list is incomplete with only a single hammershot :) it is required to buy two for dual wielding!

  6. The most I am planing on spending is $177.94, most of this I won't be buying such as the sonic ice, vortex or rebelle.

  7. Don't forget the Elite Alpha Trooper!

  8. Boy, am I glad most of the blasters this year suck.

    2013 is all about quantity over quality, as it seems. Guess they're just trying to cater at a wider range of customers, but in reality, there is no wide range of customers. It's kids/mankids and dozerdyke prototype "tomboy" girls that dig the stuff. Putting different husks on the same blasters doesn't add to variety, it puts people off, and when you pay close attention, this is what's happening. Pink or vomit green or blue? Gee... all these "options"!

    1. Hey The Gooch,

      I love reading your contrarian and often incendiary comments. They're a nice change of pace from most comments. But when you straight up just bust out some extra heteronormative/women-bashing sh!t like dozerdyke...I just stop giving a shit what you have to say.

      Fuck you.

    2. Sorry if this offended you. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Perhaps my choice of words wasn't the most graceful, but that aside, there are equal amounts of humor and truth to what I said. Take it with a bit of salt, and don't get offended. I don't care what sexual orientation people have. Live and let live... :)

  9. these blasters are awesome. I've already saved up $73 dollars(US) because i want to get most of them. luckily, i had to return my hail-fire for money, so that gave me an extra $40 to spend. I'm basically trading NERF right now. I'm going to trade my hail-fire money for a Mega centurion, because i dig NERF sniper rifles. Thanks for listing the new Nerf guns.

  10. I was jealous that the rebelle line had a new crossbow, because iv'e been looking for one of those vintage ones, but i could not find any online. (and obviously not in stores)
    but then i saw the ZS one, that made my day. Im not to fond of the color scheme, though.