Sunday, October 3, 2010

Arts + Crafts: Magpie vs Iron Man?

Sooo.. I was working on another "Ballistic" mask and left it on my balcony to dry, when a rather large magpie (an Australian native bird) decided to kick it around some..drag it along, and then push it over the edge into the neighbour's courtyard down stairs..May you get high on the paint fumes, bird!

Then again..I actually..don't mind it.You just can't GET that sort of customised distressed wear normally?!
I have been working on some other things- here's an unfinished/unpainted sneak preview of one someone's asked me to create for them..

Anyone have any thoughts on what is the uber glue that can hold plastic together without it being so intense it eats THROUGH the plastic?:)


  1. I do like the extremely distressed mask. Looks a bit like it's been right in the middle of a fuel-air explosion and survived with a few ablation layers peeled off.

    As for glue, I'd suggest a two-part epoxy, but I don't know for certain how it'd react with the specific plastic of the mask.

  2. That's the problem; the glue needs to be strong enough to hold the flashlight, but not eat thru the plastic:0

    Guess I'll just try it and see really:)