Monday, October 18, 2010

Nerf Spectre REV-5: Up Close + Personal

"I ALWAYS use protection."
 The Nerf Spectre REV-5 is a much anticipated upcoming blaster (by Australian standards) from Nerf's the new 2010 series; along with the Alpha Trooper CS-18 and Barrel Break IX-2. It's a very sleek and sexy number, with a revolving barrel that accommodates 5 rounds and additional accessories like a "silencer" barrel attachment and a folding stock. We reviewed the Spectre over a month ago, but for those of you who want more..

Q: Isn't the Spectre just like a Maverick but with less darts?

A: From first glances, sure. But on closer inspection, in my opinion the Spectre REV-5 is quite a different blaster to the Maverick. Aesthetically, the Spectre is quite flat, and even the barrel is angled so that it sits square on a table (or in the above case, my couch). While it's of a similar size to the Maverick, it is sleeker and leaner.

Barrel comes all the way out. Cool.
Admittedly yes, it also "sacrifices" one round to be only 5 rounds compared to the Maverick's 6, but I personally don't think it's that much of a big deal. Pressing an angled orange button on the left side of the blaster releases the barrel to load it with darts; it comes out all the way unlike the Maverick which looks pretty cool.

From the other side.
Q: What does the Spectre come with?

A: The Spectre comes with some pretty unique accessories- a barrel attachment that does resemble a "silencer" and a foldable stock that attaches to the back of the blaster. This of course also means you can attach any compatible N-Strike barrel attachments (Longshot, Longstrike, Recon etc) and also any stock (Recon or Raider) to the Spectre as well. In turn, the Spectre's attachments fit these other blasters as well.
Spectre with attachments..unattached:)
 I personally do without the stock and use it on other blasters, but find aesthetically the silencer attachment only really goes WITH the Spectre compared to any other blaster. 
The Spectre REV-5- with the stock folded. And sorta out of sight too
Q: Do the attachments do anything to improve the Spectre's performance?

A: In my opinion, putting all the attachments on the Spectre do make it quite "long" and almost unwieldy. As I've said in previous posts, adding a stock promotes two handed use of the Spectre, but there's nowhere really to grip onto under the barrel. I don't really like the look of it either with the stock attached- it looks kinda cool when the stock is folded, but then that sort of defeats the purpose of having a stock in the first place?!

The "Silencer" attachment silences nothing and doesn't do anything other than maybe look cool. I don't personally see any dramatic performance decrease with the silencer ON, but in theory it would affect your ranges; it adds unnecessary length to the blaster which makes it clumbsy for quick wars. It DOES look cool though:)

Longshot? Longstrike? Long..spectre?
Q: How does the Spectre's folding stock compare to the Recon's?

A: The folding stock is surprisingly quite sturdy given it's thinner than the Recon stock folds. It attaches to the base of the Spectre with a small clasp not unlike attaching stocks to other blasters like the Recon + Raider. Personally I really like it.. just not on the Spectre:)
Stock attachment, clipped onto the end of the Spectre
It uses an interesting sliding mechanism to lock it into place- whether you want it folded up, or extended out. Just follow the diagrams:)
Icon's are relatively.. self explanatory? 
Pulling it towards the black arrow unlocks it to release- pushing it into the red locks it in place.
Once it has been secured in either the folded or extended positions, it's unlikely it will unlock and cause you any issues. The mechanism is quite ingenious and works well. Even if it does looks sorta silly on this blaster.

The rear of the stock when folded.
Q: Does the Spectre fit in the Tactical Vest?

A: Yes-the Spectre feels like it was made for the Tactical Vest- it fits in the holster beautifully and can be secured easily with the holster's straps. You can even keep the stock on the blaster if you're so inclined.

Q: How easy is it to operate the Spectre?

A: The Spectre REV-5 has a streamlined cocking mechanism on the top of the blaster. It's got a small lip on it to grip onto so your fingers don't slip. The cock is spring loaded, like with the Maverick(as opposed to the Recon) so it's a matter of just pulling it back and letting it snap back into place.

Arty photo of the 'cock' :)
The primer also sits behind the tactical rails, unlike having the rails on top of it. I prefer this, as having the scopes on top of the primer tends to get in the way and I worry I'll snap them off in a mad priming flurry.

The Spectre REV-5- top view
An issue is the hand grip of the Spectre IS very short- most adult hands will be too big for it which has been a complaint vs the much more comfortable to hold Maverick.
In hand. And yes.. you do need lil baby hands. sigh..
Q: What about the scope for modding?

A: As always again it's not my thing but I've heard if you can mod a Maverick you can do one of these. Maybe check in HERE for more info.  At least the barrel comes out all the way so you don't need to do that mod..
Air restrictors.. 

Q: How big is the Spectre?

A: I've temporarily lost my tape measure and rulers atm (ok..the gf took them back) so I can't measure it up RIGHT at this moment. Weight though is just over 360grams.

Q: When is it out in Australia? Where can I get one?

A: I have no idea when it'll be available here. In the US, it's a Walmart exclusive and goes for around 20-25 dollars US, however it has been available in Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian countries for a few months now (and they don't have a Walmart!) As always, if you want one bad enough, and you're willing to pay for it, they're always available online..somewhere.

UPDATE: The Spectre REV-5 works well with all of Nerf's dart range; I like using revolvers with sucker darts myself, but it probably performs its best with whistlers as I find they're the best weighted for this type of blaster. Streamlines work fine too but I generally keep them with the clips. (thanks Thorn for the Q)

Personally, I feel that the more I've gotten to play with the Spectre, the more I like it. I think it's a better blaster for me than the Maverick; it's sleeker and easier for me to wield personally due to my small hands. I like the way it looks better, and the placement of the tactical rails on the front of the blaster rather than on the cocking mechanism means better access to attachments. I really like the


  1. Nice q and a. Here in the sates walmart finally has them in. I like putting my nodded recon barrel (it has a longshot front gum barrel) on it to make an impressive looking sniper rifle. The only thing is you have to use steam lines as the sucker darts get jammed. Oh, one last thing... LOVE the photshop work.

  2. Cutie: Photoshop? What do you mean?:P jk

  3. Hmm I am noticing you have quite a few pictures of sexy women on your site. I think Nerf guns are read by a lot of kids, so I am not sure if their parents will be happy that theirs sons are looking at pictures of Nerf with scantily clad women. Just thought to let you be aware of this issue. Not that it bothers me as I am an adult :)

  4. Pocket's models are wearing no less that what I've seen in TV ads, on billboards or walking past a Bras 'n' Things in a shopping center.
    I approve :)

    Good review - I assume the spectre works fine with streamlines, whistlers and tagger darts?

  5. We haven't actually received any complaints yet but I will take it into consideration in the future should it become an issue. Until then..our stats show they're very popular on the downloads front and we get a lot of good positive emails about them (surprisingly not just from the fellas!)

  6. just wondering if you can do a comparison with the spectre (no attachments) and the recon (no attachments).