Monday, October 18, 2010

Urban Taggers: Wallpaper downloads

By request! We went through some of our more regularly downloaded Urban Taggers images and turned them into widescreen desktop wallpapers. They..actually don't look that great blown up.. but if you put them on your desktop.. and then step back about 20 metres, it'll look awesome:)


  1. Are you a graphic designer by chance or have a designer working for you?do you need any more help with your designs?

  2. I was a graphic designer in a past life; these days I just muck about with Photoshop for fun but I don't have the patience with the detail that I used to have when it was my job.

    Thanks for the offer but all the design work is pretty much done by me in my down time. It's a modest lil' blog and a hobby more than anything else so I don't have any grand plans of making this a business with staff or anything.

  3. They look much better if you click on the photos (to enlarge them) then download them off of