Monday, October 4, 2010

Modded Nerf..

Internals of a Longstrike CS-6. Courtesy of
This afternoon I had the joyous experience of finally firing off a few rounds from a modified Nerf blaster. I've never modded any of my blasters before (for cosmetic, performance or otherwise) nor used anyone else's so it was a new experience with me. I was a little surprised at the noise; it's a fair whack louder than an out of the box blaster, but I guess it makes a whole lot of sense given what's actually going on internally.

While I have no confidence in my own ability to do such modifications.. I have to admit.. it was kinda cool:)


  1. You can't be too bad with your hands. You look like a fairly talented artist. And that requires some dexterity.

    You should probably pick up another Maverick, jump onto youtube and watch a video of how to mod it. (Don't watch the ones where the two kids tell you what to do... they like to snatch the camera off each other and say "Yeah we know more than you do so listen". They annoy the hell out of me tbh). Pause and rewind often. It's how I learnt (not that I'm particularly good... I can just do basic stuff). It's all confidence :)

  2. Just so the folks at home know what we're talking about, it was a Long Strike with a full air restrictor removal and the air release hole had been plugged. So not a huge mod for some of you out there I'm sure, and not the boringly typical Long Shot with custom spring.

  3. I'm of the opinion that modding is only useful if you have a "need" for something special. I play in outdoor public wars where home-made ammo is prevalent, so I "need" at least one blaster with more power than usual and that can handle non-standard darts.

    If you don't "need" anything more from your blasters, you'll save yourself a lot of effort if you leave them alone.

  4. There is something satisfying about firing a blaster you mod yourself.

  5. I agree with "Necro". I only do simple mods to ensure better distance on my nerf toys, while still keeping their durability and longevity of working use. Stick to simple stuff, it's more fun, and you don't get lost in it financially, or time wise.

    I do add stuff like adhesive velcro to small dart cases and clips so I can customize available darts on a gun in a play fight. I put on inexpensive flashlights/ lasers just for the playing in the dark effect. I also paint them, but that's because my wife and I paint everything, we're into the arts, it's what we do. So keep the mods simple and maybe play around with possible accessories, but have fun!

    You can check out our few nerf toys on my facebook page, my name is Joshua Burford. OH! and try NOT to mod your raiders or Alpha troopers, in my experience it really shortens their working life. Maybe that's just me.

  6. @Joshua Burford
    My Alpha Trooper is going to go down the drain soon I guess... I only added spring though... left the air restrictor in. And I made it a point not to slamfire haha.

  7. @ Necro
    I don't know why but modding them really messed with the rubber o-ring in the plunger, my range increased for a few months but then just crapped out on me. Maybe I just messed it up or something, I do think slamfire was one of the main contributors though.

  8. i have a modified raider and it works fine for now. I hope it doesn't stuff up on me. One of my best indoor weapons.

    Anyway, mods should only be done is needed, but a sense of accomplishment is received after modding a gun. :D

  9. Ok.. so there's modding.. but what about just "restoring" the blaster to it's former glory? My beloved Raider is starting to dribble somewhat and I'd like to just "make it the way it was". Would it just be a matter of replacing the spring? Is it possible to buy a spring of the same size, and not one that'll make it a cannon?

  10. @Pocket

    Well... you could probably try? I have a spare AT spring which I could sell you. I'm not sure on dimensions but maybe if you could get some kind of measurement on the raider spring I could help you. Also it may not be the spring... but I'm not one for gun maintenance. It could be your "o-ring" (A rubber thing that provides the seal for the air chamber). They cost about 50c on black tactical haha.

    @Joshua Burford

    Yeah I found that while slamfire offers awesome range... you're really punishing your plunger. I left the AR's in just in case. I'd like my gun to last a little while longer lol. I'll look at my O-rings soon too. Thanks for that tip.