Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire

Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire. These days, in Lime Green. Sassy.
The Hyperfire has been around for quite some time, and was even considered the official competition blaster from the Nerf Dart Tag line a few years ago before being eventually replaced by the current Furyfire. It’s had various different colour schemes over the years, and is still a very popular blaster, available in numerous toy stores around Australia.

Traditionally it was released in a two pack along with the standard dart tag vests (double sided vests in fact), glasses and dart tag ammo, but now can be purchased individually.
In the original Dart Tag Red.
Although unique looking,the Hyperfire is not a bad looking blaster and has an unusual 10 round revolving barrel that shoots directly from the drum and not through a chamber like the Maverick. The Hyperfire accepts all Nerf foam darts but is obviously designed for the dart tag Velcro ammunition. Loading the barrel is as easy as sliding the darts into the respective holes.
The Barrel. Dems a lot of air restrictors:)
The primer is on the top rear of the blaster and is a simple pull back motion to cock the Hyperfire. Once this is done, it’s as simple as squeezing the trigger to fire a round; priming the blaster again rotates the barrel and another round is readied to shoot again. The primer has a small lip to grip onto, but it is a little slippery for fast action cocking (that sorta sounds so wrong!). I personally find top priming blasters difficult in maintaining rapid fire accuracy (or maybe it’s just me) but if you can slow it down a little, it works itself out ok.
The Hyperfire primer. Slippery lil sucker.
The Hyperfire comes with a grip at the front of the blaster for better stability and a tactical rail on top of the blaster to add compatible N-Strike accessories. It’s relatively light weight but build wise it doesn’t feel as solid as an N-Strike blaster; aesthetically it reminds me more of a Super Soaker in appearance than a foam dart blaster.

Performance wise it's not bad. It'd be up there against a Maverick, though as an older blaster I find it doesn't have the same range as the newer blasters available. The fact it's a dart tag branded blaster suggests it doesn't need extreme ranges- short quick close quarters bursts does the job fine.
And from another angle..
I liked these at the time a whole lot more (when I bought them a year ago) than I do these days; I find them a lil.. daggy to be honest and uninspiring on the whole compared to the newer Nerf tange. That all being said though, the Hyperfire is a good, solid blaster and the fact it fires 10 rounds makes it a pretty decent blaster to take into a Nerf fight. It's versatility in using any type of ammo and it being pretty lightweight are pluses, and apparently you can do some pretty cool things with it mod wise. It may not excite me, (but then neither does a Crossbow!) but that's not to say it won't for you.

Individually, they're going for around 30 bucks AUS at Toys R Us; the two packs might be still available in some toy stores if you're lucky.

Usability: 7/10
Out of the box performance: 6.5/10
Cool factor: 6/10
Price point: 8/10 (I bought the two pack for 39.95 AUS which was pretty decent)


  1. Not my favorite blaster but another bonus this one has over the n-stike line is the ease of use for little kids. This blaster winds up being the favorite of all the smaller ones during BBQ party backyard wars because it is easy to load and the two finger trigger makes it easy to fire.

  2. It's a good...basic blaster if your not requiring any special features. One of my friends has the double pack that comes with a blue one and red one. They're pretty cool.

  3. This is a really well rounded blaster, I like it.

  4. Have never really been a fan to be honest. Always pick a Maverick over this thing.

  5. Do you recommend this over a Furyfire? (or the other way around...or just get a Barricade with beter batteries :P)

  6. I'm going to be completely honest... This gun is the best aside from the maverick. All the new N-Strike blasters and fancy this and that; it's all shit. I'm a huge Nerf collector, and i really hate what they have done with the N-Strike line. This blaster right here is a classic. Simple, not beautiful, but it has better range and accuracy than all the rest of 'em. N-Strike is all looks and no performance.