Friday, October 15, 2010

Barrel Break IX-2 Round Holder: An attachment that's actually useful

Barrel Break IX-2's round holder on a Barricade RV-10
One of the more useful tactical rail attachments in the N-Strike line is the Barrel Break IX-2's 8 round dart holder; while it DEFINITELY makes sense with the Barrel Break, it got me thinking how useful would it be on other blasters? As far as attachments go, it's pretty boring, but as for functionality, it's awesome.

Round Holder on the Element EX-6
For single shot blasters, it's good to have as many darts as possible on hand to access. It works really well with the Element EX-6 (or any of the single shot blasters really)

Round holder on the Spectre REV-5
It's equally as effective with multi round blasters, like the Spectre REV-5 + the Barricade RV-10 for a quick reload on the run. (it is a bit of a byatch to get onto and off the Barricade- there's no room to slide it so you have to 'clip' it on and off)
On the Maverick REV-6.. nowhere to grip onto..
 Unfortunately, it doesn't work so well with the Maverick REV-6, which has the tactical rails on TOP of the cocking grip. It means you've got nowhere to grip onto to cock the blaster (or you squash your darts).

I didn't bother testing it with clip based blasters, but I'm sure if you were so inclined it'd be fine? For the Longshot front blaster perhaps?


  1. The Spectre is definately the best one to have it on being that everyone is always complaining that the blaster itself doesn't hold enough ammo I say this is your solution...

  2. Re Spectre: Funny you should say that, was exactly that reason that I thought "maybe I could pair the round holder from the BB WITH the Spectre.." :)

    Re Stampede: Really? I kinda thought you'd just be carrying a bag full of clips and leave it as that?

  3. I agree, that is one of the first useful attachments.

  4. If the ammo rail even fits on the Firefly, it might work on there so you can get a total of 24 shots for assaulting the person on the couch.

  5. hey pocket put it on a magstrike

  6. I agree, probably best for a firefly.

  7. Nerf should make an attachment that can hold clips, then the stampede would be even more amazing!

  8. the buzz bee range master mod it on to that-EPICNESS