Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rumours: Sonic Series?

DO you think 'Hulk?' or perhaps.. 'Turtles: secret of the Ooze"
We've heard about it, we've seen dodgey pics about it.. but check this one out, courtesy of our Humans vs Zombies friends.. This one looks pretty real to me..

I pose a question though.. Why does "sonic" translate to translucent green? (UPDATED: two more pics after the jump)

Back of the Sonic Maverick Box ( from Kenix Kil-NerfSG Forums)
The pics below had been floating around for several months and did suggest that the green "Sonic" series were coming. At the time they were considered to be fakes, but maybe I'm somewhat more gullible in the rumour stakes because I believed them to be true!:)
"Sonic" Deploy CS-6
"Sonic" Nitefinder
I'm actually pretty good with Photoshop and this would have been quite the decent fake if they were manipulated digitally. If they were manufacturered fakes, then bravo for doing quite a good job there as well:)

I'd probably be more betting on the fact that they were taken on the floor of a Chinese factory. Every now and then an employee actually recognises what they're assembling and then sneaks one out to sell on Tao Bao for uber $$$! take a photo which is what I think these pics are. The shot of the Maverick suggests that's it in its final guise.. Even Nerf said they're not done with the clear series yet.

I'd like to see translucent blue actually, that'd look priddy:)

UPDATE 15-10-10: A reader below has pointed us to Nerf SG's forums where 'Kenix Kil' actually has their hands on one and can give you more info. For those of you who don't want to link out, here's what he says:

"I managed to get my hands on the one and only green maverick my supplier had. I was made to pay like 20% more than a retail yellow maverick but my curiosity overcame all prudence..

"So basically what you have is a clear/transparent neon green Mav with orange parts like the regular clear ones. Piggy appropriately described the green as " the cheap $1 water gun plastic green" because that is exactly what it looks like.

"It came with 6 sucker darts and had 'Sonic Series' written on the box. My supplier has confirmed that the factories are about to churn out a whole series of green stuff like the recon and raider (again) so i guess we can all 'look forward' to another new/old line of blasters to spend our retirement fund on"


  1. Hmm...interesting. I wonder if they're real?

  2. As real as the leaked Stampede pics. I've seen green nitefinders, too, but not in the box.

  3. can you give me the link of pictures? Maybe we can talk about a partnership. my e-mail: Visit my blog

  4. I have to say, the clear series is more interesting than the normal blasters- adding colors was inevitable. As much as I want that green maverick (or three) why oh why did it have to be green... Looking forward to red ones, like the red raider.

  5. Hi, after about 10 seconds of googling i found this:

    Says something that the sonic series is legit

  6. Nice one, blog post has been updated to reflect your intel. Thanks!

  7. Ha ha now i feel useful :) thank you ^_^

    First contribution to Urban taggers
    Keep up the awesome work Pocket :P
    (I am anonymous [ the dude who posted link] i didn't realize you could post with a Google accounts :/.)


  8. I wouldn't buy them it's probably just one of Nerf's crappy try's to make more money. The "sonic" Maverick probably costs like $15 compared to the regular price of $10.

  9. i saw these on just type in "nerf sonic" in the search box!!! there is also a sonic recon and sonic vulcan!!!

  10. Well when i bought my Clear Mavericks, I paid $12 AUD, compared to the usual $18-$20 AUD, so maybe it will be the same thing for the sonic series?