Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Force Warlock Axe

The Nerf N-Force Warlock. It's tuff.
No, N-Force isn't here in Australia just yet, but that doesn't mean we can't still get our hands on them from other sources..especially this awesome N-Force Warlock axe; one of the newer N-Force releases from Nerf for this year. Compared to the older Thunder Fury swords, Nerf have definitely put more effort into making these 'weapons' more durable and better quality. They also look sweet, which is of course a plus:)

The warlock's head. Sorta bouncy.
Designwise the Warlock take it's cues from medieval tilts or fantasy novels (as opposed fi.. like what Optimus Prime uses) and has double ended 'blades' on the head for maximum impact. The head is firm but still quite a soft foam that retains it's shape well and looks like it takes to blows without damage to the edges. It's denser than the older thunder fury N-Force swords, but this doesn't mean it will hurt or cause serious damage (though I'm sure a massive blow to the face won't tickle but then.. neither does a cushion).

The Warlock has a very solid feeling handle; the grip is sturdy and feels nice in the hand, and there's enough length there to swing it around for swing-age:)

Warlock in comparison to the N-Strike Maverick. Different eras, different weapons:)
Sizewise, we were pretty impressed; it's not to long or short and therefore should be able to be wielded by both kids and grown ups alike with minimal effort. In action you can have quite a bit of fun with it; it has a good weight that allows you to swing it around and even after landing several blows on someone's body (I tried it on my opponent's back and shoulders while he was typing on the laptop with no "ouch's", or "wtf dude" responses. Despite this,  I feel if I attacked him in the groin he might have reacted differently)
Warlock in action. Pretty useless against firewood.
 Our tests were mainly against the Stonewall shield, and head to head the Warlock definitely came out trumps. Very minimal wear and tear, and pretty much looked similar to the way it was when we took it out of the packaging. It's definitely a very well made foam melee piece and should last for a fair amount longer than the older N-Force swords.
Not sure what would be scarier coming at you.. both together actually:)
Final verdict? If you were looking to get into N-Force, I'd definitely recommend the Warlock as the weapon of choice. It's just farkin' cool. It looks great, it feels good to hold, swing around, sink into someone's shoulder; and if you watch the Nerf ad it'll make you wanna try acrobatics as well:) It's durable, takes a beating and I definitely didn't feel like it was a waste of money to get my hands on one. If melee weapons and roleplay is your style, it's a good buy.

As always, N-Force isn't readily available in Australia, so if you're looking for a Warlock, you'll need to go online. They go for between 15-25US (I'm sure some people have seen them for cheaper) depending on where you shop. 

(I'll try not to whine any more about Australia's lack of cool Nerf gear, and just assume you know where I stand on it!)

(Thanks to Neil from the Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag crew for allowing me to smack the hell out of his back with his own Warlock for the purposes of this review!)  


  1. Hehe did you ever get the acrobatics going?

    I can't wait for the Battlemaster review.

    Also, would you happen to have a red Shotblast stock that you don't need? I'd be happy to buy it off you =)

  2. Of all of the Nerf Weapons you have, which would you choose to use in a Zombie War (20 people total) (Let's say you can have as many weapons / ammo as you can carry)???

  3. Do you mean in a Humans vs Zombies game, or do you mean in a roleplay situation (assuming zombies crumbled at the touch of foam)?

    I don't actually engage in HVZ games, but I've got increasing pressure to give it a go. HVZ in Australia normally doesn't have melee weapons in its gameplay though.

    In a roleplay situation, I'd be going with a Stampede as a primary, with an Alpha Trooper and Barrel Break in my backpack. (My Stampede has a toy chainsaw mounted to it atm:P) And then probably either the Battlemaster Mace or the Nerf Baseball bat. And a Spectre (no attachments) on the hip. I am prone to commando rolls though so I might just pack an alpha trooper and be done with it:)

  4. The Warlock is a murdering machine!! If your in a N-force fight I would want to have this thing on your side!! I personally prefer the Klaw but if it's not an option this is what I'd go for.