Friday, October 1, 2010

How do you store your Nerf?

Hoping the gf doesn't realise the storage trunks are getting bigger..
One day, when I actually own a real house, I'll have more space and can execute my mad crazy plans of developing a full rack/wall set up to house my Nerf blasters in all their glory. While I live in an inner city apartment though, space is a bit of a rare commodity and therefore I have to make do with the space I have. 

SO I put it to you fellow Nerfers, how do you store your Nerf arsenal?

Large trunk for the blasters themselves, another for accessories + ammo. 
Given the amount of mix + matching I do with blaster configurations, I tend to seperate my blasters from their attachments for ease of.. mixing and matching:)
An old sunglasses display/transportation case fits the Recon lights nicely
 I also separate ammunition to be all kept in one tub; it's pretty big so it stores attachments as well.
Fits 4 ammo boxes, 4 Raider drums, AT drum, all clips, shields, titan darts, BBB darts, 4 Vulcan chains..
and a partridge in a pear tree.
 Three plastic storage cases on sale for 15 bucks from Bunnings are used to store..more attachments:)
Plastic storage cases to hold attachments..
..and scopes.
How about you?


  1. I'm currently stacking mine - like you, blasters, ammo and accessories separately - on the bottom three shelves of some bookshelves next to my desk. Since I got the stampede, though, I'm running short on space (plus I have books that I want to put on those shelves :P), so I'm going to have to come up with something better soon.

  2. >insert face green with envy<
    That's way overkill for me
    I just use a cardboard box with a small metal container for ammo + clips.
    Mind you, I'll probably need a bigger box when my Raider arrives, and when (hopefully) I get an AT and Stampede.

    P.S. A partridge in a pear tree? Where? (looks around)

  3. I am fortunate enough to own my own home that has a garage. I implemented the blaster rack idea using a peg board I put up. It is now too small so I will need to redesign my lay out and add another board. I have a small gym bag for the accessories and clips which acts nicely when I transport the gear in the back of my truck. I have this great photo of my 4 yr old in the back sporting the Vulcan.
    Your set up is great and has given me a few ideas to incorporate. Thanks.

  4. i have a bookshelf with blasters all through it UPDATE i was walking through the tuggeranong hyperdome yesterday and found some longstrikes

  5. Can i buy a stampede grip off you? Oh and i store mine in large tubes and a large bin!

  6. Boxes for Blasters, Plastic Bags for Darts and a Backpack for Attachments. Simple and Easy to Carry ALL the guns around the house whenever I need to replace the position. - Robby Widodo

  7. I use take-away containers for darts. That works alright. But I tend to just throw my guns and accessories into one corner in my room. It drives my mum crazy because she's a bit of a clean-freak haha.

  8. being that I only have 4 guns, they all fit pretty well in a bin I have, there's even room for more.

  9. I'm picking up one of these tomorrow for my nephews:

    They have almost every nerf gun made in the last five years, but are always short on ammo. It will contain a 36 pack of streamlines, a 36 pack of whistle darts, and a flip clip kit (two six round clips + 30 streamlines).
    Then we'll head outside and I'll teach them a lesson Alpha Trooper style.

    I cleared the ammo can with my sister who said "if it gets them to pick up those darts, I don't care what it is".

    (The oldest got his first blasters, a dart tag kit, from me five years ago. When he tore back the paper his three year old younger brother shouted "GUNS!". Greatest gifting moment of my life.)

  10. where did you get your storage trunks from?


  11. Marcus7: The main trunk with the "corrugated" plastic is actually from "The Reject Shop" (for those of you outside of Australia it's basically a 2 buck shop) for $60 bucks which I thought was a bargain. It's huge and quite light weight- comes flat packed though and apparently made in Poland (?!)

    The other tubs are just from Bunnings:)

  12. i use 2 -50cal cans for ammo one large rubbermaid cont for guns. just picked up stampede -- need a bigger box

  13. in my couch
    its busted open!!

  14. Well my lil bros keep there guns in bins but im better than that . I keep my stampede in a military grade duffle bag in my closet evry so often i take it out for wars or just to clean.

  15. i`m epic i got a closet

  16. I've got two shelves in my closet. One for N-Strike gear one for Dart-Tag/Vortex gear.

  17. I have a whole garage devoted to my Nerf collection. 3 main bins, seperating primaries from secondaries. The last bin is multi-tiered for accesories, such as scopes, lights, bipods, and so on. I'm thinking of adding a pegboard so I can store all of them vertically, which would increase space 10 fold.

    Pocket, are you ever thinking of going a little more expansive with your space...say, a warehouse...because when I buy my parents property back here in the States, I'm going to turn a big portion of our yard into a warehouse...and it's going to be devoted to Nerfers.....and just Nerfers.

  18. My blasters are all over my bedroom on display. Literally! I gotta do something different with them like have a big box for ammo and clips and something else for the blasters them selves. I love what you did with the briefcases for your attachments and stuff. Know where I could find one for an Alpha-Trooper?

  19. I put them on the top bunk of my bed fully loaded and ready to go