Friday, October 1, 2010

Saturator Clips available

I don't normally deviate away from Super Soaker when it comes to water blasters, but I've been a fan of this Saturator line given it reminds me heavily of the old Entertech blasters of the 80's from Larami. Anyway, I noticed today they're becoming more available in more toy stores around the traps- to the point they're selling the spare clips packs for $9.95. Which is awesome:)

STR 80 on top, STR 70 below. It's up to personal preference I guess.

There are three different blasters in the Saturator line- the STR 60, STR 70, + STR 80. They all use the same firing mechanism and are powered by batteries- however because of their cosmetic differences, clips are not interchangable between them. Which is kinda annoying I guess, but not a show stopper. 

Inside the STR-80.

You can see from these two pics that the internals are pretty much the same. Yay for clear blasters:) (Overseas the STR 70 + STR 80 come in solid colourschemes too, but for some reason they're only clear in Australia from what I can tell. The STR 60 however comes in a solid blue. But I didn't bother getting one of those:)

STR-70 internals.

I picked up my blasters from Super Toyworld in Fyshwick, ACT for $29.95 each, but the clips I found in Toys R Us Belconnen.


  1. how can i get the clips i live in bondi 2026

  2. I guess you should start with your local Toys R Us in Sydney, and ask them if they can order them in for you given they are a line that Toys R Us carries. Or Toyworld.

    Or.. 3 hr drive to Canberra:)