Friday, October 15, 2010

Preview: N-Force makes it to Urban Taggers if they're not "swords" what would we call them?:P
Oooh.. look what landed in  the Urban Taggers apartment today? Looks like the next few weeks may be reviewing some hot melee action (ok that sorta sounds wrong)..


  1. You'd probably mean melee.

    Yeah I'm only being pedantic because if you read it knowing my google account is malee_necromancer... you might take it the wrong way...

  2. Malee: Musta just had you on the mind:P Anyway, corrected- taaaa:)

  3. You must've. Your girlfriend should be concern ;)

    Anyway how did your combat training with the Warlock go?

  4. Since we can't call them swords, lets call them foam sticks used for imitation warfare.