Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Urban Taggers UTX uber modded blaster: submissions open!

Urban Taggers gives you the finger!:P
We've said many times that Urban Taggers is about inner apartment toy blaster warfare; we don't consider ourselves "serious" Nerfers, engage in outdoor battles nor in the past have really cared for mods. That all being said, I've seen some SWEEEET looking custom blasters over the past few months and my curiosity has gotten the better of me..

SO here's what we're gonna do. Fancy yourself as a modding guru? I want to know HOW good a modded blaster can be, and am keen for someone to design and customise a Nerf blaster for Urban Taggers; that's right folks- I am now on the hunt for a the ultimate uber modded NERF blaster...

Now.. before you say "you should do it yourself" I kid you not when I say I am an absolute goober at this sort of thing, and would rather buy one from someone who specialises in mods in their sleep:)

Here's my brief:


1) Design: I'm looking for a blaster that is aesthetically very schmick. Custom paint jobs a must, with clean attention to detail. While I love the black paint jobs, I am always concerned about getting things through our shores, so if you're from overseas and have experience with successful dealings getting painted black blasters through Australian customs- awesome. Otherwise, happy for dark blues; but it has to somehow reflect the site, so elements of grey orange and black- the Urban Taggers colours (and logo) are desirable.

2) Mod build quality/durability: This is important; I'd like this blaster to last a fair while so ensuring things are where they're supposed to be, reinforced so plastic doesn't break, and everything is nicely sanded and smooth is a must. I always look after my gear, but I don't want to have to baby it. 

3) Performance: Go to town. I'd like to be "wow'ed" and made to feel sheepish for never wanting to mod a blaster before. Bear in mind I want to use traditional darts; no stefans or modified darts.

4) Innovation/Creativity: Sure, spraying a blaster and removing the air restrictors is a start, but we like doing things to excess, so we're interested in having some element that's just "cool" and unique. I've seen blasters with mounted "shot guns", or a ball blaster as a "grenade launcher" or blasters with triggers wired together; laser sights, cool scopes, custom stocks.. LED lights, chainsaw (whoah.. that was a cool mod).. all of these are great in my book. 

5) Itemised costs: I'd like to know the technical specs. What's in this sucker and why it's so damn awesome compared to anything else out there.

6) Starting ground: The Longshot is the modded blaster of choice so we'd be happy to go with that; however I personally am partial to the Alpha Trooper and Raider. But really, it's up to you. Whatever you think represents Urban Taggers and can do us proud is going to get the tick.

SO what do you get for your efforts? Well for one.. I'll buy it off you. So you won't be out of pocket, and make whatever profit you decide to make for your time and materials. I'm not here to rip anyone off, happy to pay for quality. 

I'll also be looking to write a feature on you, your workmanship, and plug the hell out of your mad modding skillz. If all works out well, you'll be the official Urban Taggers mod supplier and we'll probably be hitting you up for more blasters in the future.

And you'll also have the bragging rights of knowing you were the creators of the very first official Urban Taggers blaster- the UTX (whatever it will be!)

Feel free to ask us any questions either here or through our Facebook page or drop us an email at with "UTX Proposal" in the subject header. Send us some examples of your work and what you propose to design for us (and an estimated cost- we're still struggling apartment dwellers!). We'll select our favourites and post them on the blog and Facebook page for our readers to comment; once we've chosen our favourite design, we'll commission whoever's responsible to build it and ship it to us, preferably in time for Christmas (I'll give you naughty or nice mr Claus!)

Look forward to hearing from you!!


  1. Let me see what I can come up with. The hard part will be the paint, I was never any good at that.

  2. Sorry man, but a heavily modded blaster requires Stefans. Streamlines have no weight in them at all, it means the darts fishtail like a bitch and they're so light that you may as well just dry fire the gun. Also, streamlines still hurt out a modded gun like hell, so just go the Stefans, trust me.

  3. Seeing as you would like a raider and I have a raider I'll make a great mod. Do you prefer shotgun grip? or handle? also is it fine with no raider drum, but a clip, firstly because I cherish my drum (its the only one I have) and no doubt you have many raider drums and alpha trooper drums(which is probably more practical).

  4. @Genericwizardguy

    You're probably right... but a weighted stefan can probably punch a hole through a gyprock wall if fired close enough (or at least do some significant damage). A streamline will hurt, but it probably won't produce heavy welts like a stefan would - Remember Pocket doesn't snipe from over 50ft away... he gets in your face, sometimes less than 15ft away, and pumps the darts at you. That's going to cause considerable welting to his girlfriend. Which is never good. The fishtailing is probably a good thing for his purposes...

    Besides, SGNerf has an Angel Breech variation writeup that lets you use both stefans and stock streamlines. I'm sure if someone tried to replicate that for Pocket, he can use his steamlines til the cows come home. BUT, if he has a change of heart, the option for stefans is always there. *hint I would do this for him but I've never worked with brass before hint*

  5. I made a modified Vulcan that looks like a water cooled machine gun look for DFM MG-62 on and yes it still shoots fine

  6. He doesn't need this heavily modified wonder of a gun then if he doesn't need range. It sounds like he wants an overkill weapon, but he seems to have no use for it. Also, my Stefan's go fine on walls, no damage.

  7. Far out!Most people don't want sports cars that go under 6 seconds because they NEED to go that fast but because they just WANT wouldnt see the salesman tell people they should buy a barina or something because they dont need that power and speed.

    the first time hes even been interested in mods and i think its awesome this site is finally looking to embrace us.hes asked for submissions,if your not interested then don't send anything

    @Pocket i am interested though in why you dont want to use stefans?

  8. How about a longshot/barrel break integration? Use the stock as an air pump and essentially mount the barrel of the BB to the underside of the longshot- then just pull, break down, shove 2 darts in and you have a great close range weapon with stock whistlers and a powerful sniper (the barrel length will help counteract the tailspin)

  9. Oooh...Longshot Barrel Break? that does sound very cool..have you done one before?

  10. Yes, but it had an accident and let's just say the only part i could salvage was the handle.
    Start looking for someone else to make you one. I live in canada, where barrel breaks cost almost the same as a longshot (30$!) So before I even start you are looking at 70$ for the blasters. ): Everything is cheaper in the States. Go to Modworks, see if you can find someone who will do it for you- I can send in some blueprints for it, if you really want.

  11. i could mod a baricade into a mini uzi but i wouldnt sell it

    you could have a pictue and i will spray it with your blogs logo

  12. I think the perfect UTX blaster is an AS-20 that takes Vulcan belts, and has an electronic air compressor. Take out the turret of the AS-20 and replace it with the thing that the Vulcan belt goes threw.

    Zack -

  13. hello,
    i am a pretty experienced modder and i have an amazing integration i would sell to you
    email me your email so i can send you some pics, specs, and work out a price

    my email is:
    check out my blog:
    i'm still starting it up but it should be running in a few months