Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amazon: LTAR available for pre-order now has the new upcoming Lazer Tag Augmented Reality line available for pre-order- $39.95 US for the single tagger pack which comes with the gun and  the interchangable iphone/ipod touch cradle. Overseas shipping seems to be in order, although for some reason (at least for me)  "Lazer Tag 1" is set up to ship overseas, whereas "Lazer Tag 2" is not:P

Lazer Tag Blaster 1 : Toys & Games :
Lazer Tag Blaster 2 : Toys & Games :


  1. Pocket its not just you Lazer Tag Blaster 2 won't ship to me either its strange :/

  2. Hi Pocket, quick update... i checked through Amazon again today and spotted the Lazer Tag (Blaster 1 & 2) are now available for sale.

    I did a "test" order and Blaster 1 can indeed be shipped internationally, but Blaster 2 still can't be shipped overseas.

    Anyways, i've a few colleges at the office who are avid Lazer Tag fans too. Looking forward to your reviews on it!


    - SgN