Sunday, July 22, 2012 N-Strike Elite Hailfire available

Get ready Nerfers, cos on 9-9-12 you're going to be absolutely blown away by the sheer awesomeness of the all NEW N-Strike Elite Hailfire!

Unless you already got one on 21-7-12 from Amazon.... Meh:P

49 bucks WITH shipping to Australia works out to be not a whole lot of change from a hundred bucks. That being said, the Stampede came out at 120 bucks when it first came out here (Remember that Neil?)

More images after the jump- just cos they're pretty higher res ones:)

N-Strike Elite Hailfire via Amazon


  1. Got one! Thanks for the tip. Stay tuned for info when she gets here!

  2. All Elite blasters are availible thorugh Entertainment Earth on Gonna get myself a Retaliator, only $27 bucks!

  3. I paid over $100 for a vulcan back in the day...and again for a stampede and again for...wait, nothing in the Vortex burned me that badly.

  4. LOL yes painfully reminded how much Stamps cost when they first came out........when I saw $19 Stamps at KMart ;-)

    And Stephen I remember forking out $138 for two Vulcans back in the day and thinking they were cheap........

  5. How much is the shipping cost buying these Nerf blasters from Amazon and sending them to Australia?

  6. the fifty-round dual drum mag will probably come with the stampede elite