Friday, July 20, 2012

N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit: Upgrades all round

Everything in the Nerf world is being overhauled it seems- Thanks to Neil from the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag crew, we've gotten our hands on the new N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest Kit. There are a few overhauls to the vest though it still doesn't fit me (geez duh). Not a whole lot one can say, so this'll mostly be pics, but have a look see after the jump:)

This kit comes with two 6 dart clips and 12 elite darts.

Of course they plug the new upcoming Hailfire and the Retaliator.

Anticipation sets in with the possibility of a new Elite series Jolt, and also a new "Firestrike". The back of the box never looked so good:D

 The best uses new blue accents and some changes in the pockets, with a plastic carbine thingy and other lil touches. Attachments are still all with velcro to tighten and fasten the vest.

open up!

The back loses the "N-Force Sword" pocket that the original vest had, I guess no-one really used it anyway.

It's not a bad piece of kit given you get the two clips, 12 darts and a vest in the pack; and the vest itself is probably more practical than the original. Obviously, not for large dudes, but on the whole, it's a useful item for Nerf battles. Give it a go:)


  1. spewin it doesnt come with the 12 rounds clips like the first one did!

  2. Love the new bottom clip design. I just picked up the 18 round Clip set and it's on there too. Review is on my blog>

    Great review as always, Pocket!!

  3. Looks good, gonna see about getting one. Anon, NONE of the tac vests have come with clips larger than 6 rounds.

  4. The Elite vests were originally going to come with 12rd mags, which is why i held off on getting one. Personally i don't care much for the blue bits on this, and the new sidearm holster arrangement looks awkward, at least the old one could be modified to work. Guess i'll go buy an old one instead.

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  6. Actually, I used the sword "holster" on my old tac vest all the time. I am disappointed.

  7. The sword holster was never really used for the NStrike stuff, often I just saw people jamming Double Shots or Hawks into the shoulder strap.