Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite 18 Dart Quick Reload Clip

New Nerf guns means new accessories; the updated Tactical vest comes with two 6 round clips, and now you can also pick yourself up a separate 18 round clip, complete with 18 elite darts. It's the first time an 18 round clip has been available to buy without a blaster (ie Stampede)to go with it. It's not just a rebadged 18 round Stampede clip though, there are SOME slight differences to these Elite series clips..

In a pretty basic blister packaging, you get yourself the 18 round Elite clip and 18 Elite darts. On the back it of course promotes three of the more publicised Elite blasters with the Hailfire, Retaliator and Rampage.

Against the Retaliator's 12 round clip
The 18 round Elite clip has one translucent orange side and one solid orange side, just like the 12 round clip that comes with the Retaliator. We've still yet to know what will be considered the "stock" load out- whereas with the original N-Strike range you could only buy 6 round clips, here we've got one blaster that comes with a 12 round clip, one with a 25 round drum, and accessories that provide an 18 round and 6 round clips respectively.

Clips are market with their capacity on the corner, and also moulded into the plastic:

Although the Elite 18 round clip looks similar to the older Stampede clip, there are a few aesthetic changes; other than the translucent side and N-Strike Elite etchings, the base is also a different mould (the 'love heart' style design), the windows into the internals are different AND speaking of internals, it would seem the new clips use a different spring system as it's not nearly as noisy/rattley as the Stampede clips were. I'm not sure whether this makes the clips less prone to jams, or more powerful, or just plain quieter.

 Clips of course are interchangeable with the older N-Strike clips. Using both 18 round clips to fire off Elite darts from a Retaliator, I didn't notice any great difference in performances between the two, but I was firing indoors at my ceiling admittedly..
18 round clip on a Retaliator
Picked them up for 12 bucks on Amazon.com- probably worth getting a few if you are ordering some blasters as they're light and don't affect shipping TOO much, as opposed to.. ordering them on their own.


  1. A note to those in Chicago-the new Target downtown has Rampage, Retaliator and every dart pack except the tac vest and Hailfire upgrade kit.

  2. pretty cool! might get one of these. i have to say though, the elite darts work a lot better in modified blasters than any other dart i've tested.

  3. Argos (UK) has a listing for a Hail-Fire Mission Kit, four new 6-dart clips and 24 elite darts: http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/9082971/Trail/searchtext%3EALL+NERF.htm