Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pictorial: a tribute to battery powered N-Strike

Since the Vulcan EBF 25, the battery powered motorised blaster has become an increasingly popular kit in the Nerf stable. While I personally can find them leaving me a lil unfulfilled (I kinda like the manually priming- it's a tad more satisfying when you shoot it) they are definitely some of the best looking blasters around. 

Anyway it'd been a while since I've done some Photoshopping-on-the-fly and given I had such great material to work with from shoots with our house model Stef and my good mate and trainer Ras, I thought I'd do a tribute to the motorised blaster, UT style:D Posted the on Facebook but was asked to post them here too. Enjoy:)

Talent : StefaniaK |  Ras
Guns: Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF 25 | Stampede ECS | Barricade RV-10 | Rayven CS-18
Props: Ruroc RG1 Helmet | OGIO flight vest | Costume props SWAT vest | One Industries gloves | Oakley AP belt bag | Oakley AP Backpack | Burton Snowboarding face mask


  1. Love these. I'm using the first as my desktop wallpaper!

  2. I'd tap that.

    Not the dude, he'd crush me:-P

  3. F**king awesome. I'd go see that movie:)

  4. That's just badass. Nerf should use these. Awesome imagery.