Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Toys R Us: Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade

Listed on the UK Toys R Us website is the lesser known Elite version of the N-Strike Barricade. As mentioned before, it's called the "Stockade"- (perhaps because it comes with a.. stock?) and is listed for the rather exi price of 24.99 UK pounds, though I'd be guessing it'd be cheaper in the US.

Wondering if there are any changes to the internals or if it's just the elite darts that give it its performance increases?

Cheers Kevin for the heads up:)

N-Strike Elite Stockade via Toys R Us UK


  1. This blaster seems better than the nerf n-strike barricade.

  2. the stock alone is worth it

  3. Aesthetically, it looks awesome (especially with the stock). I honestly doubt that any internals changes were done to improve performance. If any, I would guess some motor buffing but outside of that, I wouldn't expect much else.

  4. It seems to come out August 1st as well. That should be noted.

  5. Stockade as in the wooden posts put together to make a wall... goes hand in hand with "Barricade"

  6. this will have new motors the same motors as the hailfire...

    Nstrike elite plungers have been a joke.. the lip in the tube is impossible to remove with out ruining the seal.

    we should HOPE they don't re-release longshot or stamped in elite versions if it still has that lip on the tubes. its effectively a unmovable AR.

    Nerf prob wised up that people where not getting the repainted blasters and just painting them them selves so they made a big claim for new blaster tech but really put in a stronger anti mod safety feature. The Pyragon (the redesign of the Lumitron/Praxis with a 40disk drum at least holds some hope.. they changed the rail mounting system and grip did more than just a "paintjob" which is cool. Remaking stamped in a new shell/color would be great.. they should do that and they may very well be with stock clearing fast in australia on a massive discount (like what they did when they discontinued the longshot and replaced it with longstrike) (they sent all the stock to Australia away from the mod mad Americans .

    But with SGnerf creating the current top dog blaster with his modded stamped 100ft high ROF balance ... a redesign would be cool! (even if nerf put in more unfix able power safty features hahahah) nerf really take their name to heart.