Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sonic Series Vortex Praxis

pSyk, a well respected member of the community who hails from Singapore recently picked himself up a Sonic Series Praxis. As always, Sonic Series reshells are just that- reshells, so I'd assume functionality and performances are still the same as the traditional Praxis, but now.. you can see inside:)

I think we've said it before that it's in interesting move by Nerf- we now have a re-shell colour scheme that crosses over to both lines of blasters of N-Strike and Vortex. I would have assumed they could have changed the colour of the translucent plastic for the Vortex at the least- but perhaps they had a boot load of translucent green around they thought they'd use. Still, now it means the Praxis stock is aesthetically in line with all of the other Sonic Series blasters now. Coordinate!  It turns out the orange used in the N-Strike Sonic Series differs from the Vortex Sonic Series... which means... there's still going to be clashes:(

With Firefly Lumitron clip

Uh oh.. different oranges. muddabichas!
I was about to get all creative and say "ooh can u imagine White Out series Vortex blasters? But then I guess.. that's not THAT different to a Pyragon:P

Thanks pSyk for the photos!


  1. I do think it's odd that now there's a recolor that breaks the "Vortex vs N-Strike" barrier, but I've always liked the stock on the Praxis. I'm also a color-coordination freak, so things have to match. A Sonic Series Recon with a Sonic Series Praxis Stock would be neato. Top it off with a Sonic Series Longstrike barrel and that's one nifty lookin rifle!

  2. You're more than welcome.
    I'm actually really excited about the Pyragon, I'm a sucker for that color scheme.

    Yes, the translucent green is definitely in-line with the N-Strike Sonic series blasters; However, the Orange parts of the Vortex Sonic Praxis seem to be a lot more "vivid" than the N-Strike Sonic stuff... I have an orange bi-pod from the Sonic Stampede, and I'll snap a pic for comparison soon.

    I'll also (taking cue from the comments from your previous post regarding the Sonic Vortex Praxis) snap a pic of this with the Lumitron clip and we'll see how that looks.

    Hang tight!

    - pSyk

  3. y'know, if they come out with whiteout, gear up, or regular clear for any vortex guns, i'm gonna freak out and be like screw you hasbro!!!!!!!LOL jk

  4. A comment I'd like to make about the Sonic Reshell, is the ability to look into the gun and see exactly how many rounds are in the clip is something I'm rather fond of.

    Plus, as with the standard Praxis. You can chamber an eleventh disc rather than the standard ten. I don't know many clip system blasters with this feature and it gives the gun a certain style as you chamber one round and drop out the clip to load that eleventh round.