Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random: STAR WARS Episode 1 - Lazer Tag Naboo Assault Set

Doing an Amazon sweep, I stumbled across these very cool looking Star Wars licenced laser tag blasters from 1999 which I thought looked tough- apparently it SAYS it's compatible with the Tiger Electronics laser tag line so I thought perhaps it looked like perhaps an LTTO blaster in a Star Wars Episode 1 casing.. But looks like no. 

Doing more research, I ended up finding a nifty video by no other than Bazookafied from Tactical Tag:

Turns out these Episode One laser tag blasters are NOT compatible with the LTTO line. But they ARE compatible with the older Star Wars laser tag blasters:

Han Solo blasters with X-wing pilot chest plates:D
Given the price, truly only for laser tag/Star Wars collectors, but I admit I WAS tempted:D

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