Sunday, July 8, 2012

Deviant ART: NERF Stampede 12.6v SMG 'The Hammer' by ~MarcWF

I've always been a big fan of the SGNerf SMG mod for the Nerf N-Strike Stampede and 'MarcWF' on Deviant ART has taken it one step further; it just looks absolutely tough with the foldable front grip. You know what would really look awesome on it too? A pinpoint sight:D

It's also found on under 'Apex Weapon Systems' and I quite liked their other work too- they do do some pretty nice looking modded Nerf guns with performance and aesthetic alterations. Check out some of their other stuff, including the mad Dart Tag Quick 16 conversion to accommodate clips:D

I had my credit card out and was actually ready to buy this SMG but alas they don't ship to Australia...

NERF Stampede 12.6v SMG 'The Hammer' by ~MarcWF

Apex Weapon Systems via


  1. offer him extra to ship to austrslia!!! that is freakin awesome!!!!

  2. If memory serves this guy will actually ship to Aus if you ask him. Just be aware that if this was opened in customs you could get into a lot of trouble (draconian laws regarding replica weapons etc etc).

  3. Wow, we are honored and sincerely appreciate the kind words from UT -- and would be doubly honored to do a custom scheme and configuration for you anytime!

    Again, a big acknowledgement and nod to SG Nerf and his creative genius on the original Stampede SMG -- our inspiration on this variant. He'll give you recommendations on where to order parts, personal advice, etc -- a true class act.

    We are excited to announce we are partnering with Nerfenstein ( and Landgrave Customs ( to create a new Cooperative Artists group dedicated to the Best Custom Props and Mods on the Internet! Nerfenstein is already well known and established as THE Premier NERF and Prop artist on the globe, and Landgrave Customs is pure Steampunk/Cyberpunk genius from a phenomenal rising talent. Our blog is in the final stages of preparation and we hope to make our official Public Announcement very soon. Exciting times!

    Regarding shipping; please note we ship worldwide, but have not yet added prices for all items to all countries. We are planning to add (displayed/fixed) pricing for major regions over the next month; AU/NZ/UK/CAN/US and possibly some EU continental territories. Until these are listed, please contact us through Etsy for specific regional shipping costs per unit.

    Thanks again so much for the mention! UT is such an awesome site and we're truly honored.

  4. This collaboration sounds too awesome to be allowed to happen. There is a finite amount of awesome in the world, and if Apex, Nerfenstein, and Landgrave start collaborating to make props, they will exhaust the world's awesome, siphoning it into their projects.
    In order to ensure this doesn't happen, any projects you guys and gals make must be sent to me first, so that I can monitor the awesomeosity readings of each piece..... for the good of all mankind.

    (Soul - Admin of Canberra HvZ/Dart Tag)

  5. I've bought from Apex before, did me an 18 dart holding white quick-16 with removed air restrictors, improved seal and bolt mounted LED. As a blaster you can't get in the UK it was cool just to have one, but the work they do is genuinely top notch.
    Wouldn't hesitate buying from them again.