Sunday, July 29, 2012

Engadget: Hasbro Lazer Tag hands-on (video)

Interesting that it sounds like they've dropped the 'Nerf' branding off these, but they're Hasbro nonetheless and more importantly, designed by the dudes who did the original Lazer Tag gear so they look SWEET. Engadget have gotten themselves some of the new LTARs and posted a hands on vid- Check it:)

Hasbro Lazer Tag hands-on (video) -- Engadget


  1. Stupid video. You want a real hands on vid, not three geeks running around acting like dicks. No ranges, no features. If I was Hasbro I'd be asking for my gear back because they just made me not want to get them.

    1. Just tested out these (without the iOS) in a game a few days ago. Ranges are similar (if not equal) to the LTX. Pocket has been more than kind enough to link to my blog about the reviews I've done on it. If you want a bit more of an informative look that hopefully won't deter you like these guys, head on over to Tactical Tag for the reviews on it.