Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tactical Tag: N-Strike Elite: Sighting!!

Well, officially it's the 1st July, 2012 here in Australia, and we've now gotten word of our first Nerf N-Strike Elite sighting in stores States side from Bazookafied over at Tactical Tag. Just like with the Vortex series last year, Nerf seem to have done it again and brought out the Elite guns some 2 months before the official release date- here apparently at a Toys R Us in the state of Georgia, along with a "buy one get 1 50 percent off" deal.

I'm guessing there are some pretty happy Southerners who can't believe their luck round about now:)

Tactical Tag: N-Strike Elite: Sighting!!:


  1. I have a big sister who lives neat there. The sighting occurred in Duluth, GA. I would take advantage of this great offer before Hasbro realizes of their mistake.

  2. And right below it is the inferior version. Also I shall check my target every week until it shows up, theres a toys r us decently nearby but I dont drive yet (currently working on permit) and it is too far to bike to.

  3. I wonder what they're doing to under-power the blasters for Australia...I hope it's a modder-friendly solution IE: remove safety tab and hey presto you've got the full thing. Mind you, with what we already know, we'll be modding the living daylights out of them anyway so it won't actually matter.

    1. It's probably a weaker spring. That would be the easiest and cheapest way to underpower a blaster before it leaves the factory. The new blue trigger dart tag line was just a result of stronger springs; no internal parts were changed. So don't worry too much about it.

  4. we have pyragon in the philippines for 3500 pesos

  5. Retaliator and Rampage found at TRU in Burbank, CA, Fri, June 29th.