Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nerf promo vehicle in Hong Kong: Mr Whippy it ain't

Pics courtesy of Nerf HK via Facebook

Spotted on the streets of Hong Kong is a Nerf promo vehicle in what looks like is all about spreading the good word of Dart Tag to the public. Packed with bootloads of Dart Tag gear and some promo models with custom dart tag shirts (I don't think they normally come that short), it's true "Urban Taggers" style bringing the game to the streets:D

More pics after the jump. Thanks Jason for the link!


  1. What, no Snap Fire 8?

  2. Nerf bitches too boot! BB

  3. I'll take one! ...The driver, I mean.

  4. now that's one van I would be happy to climb inside :)

  5. At least it's not a windowless van :p
    Note the snapfire 8 pic on the back.