Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alpha Trooper configurations

Alpha Trooper CS-18 with standard 6 round clip. Underwhelming.
In celebration of Alpha Troopers making it to our shores Down Under, we've decided to put up some pics of AT configurations. The Alpha Trooper CS-18 is very rapidly becoming the blaster of choice for many Nerfers given it's sheer versatility, out of the box performance, Slam fire and a very cool 18 round drum. On the most part, it serves it's purpose well as is.. but of course.. with all N-Strike blasters, there's room for customising to suit your individual requirements..

AT with a Pinpoint Sight and Recon stock
The AT allows for different 'clips', different stocks and different tactical rail accessories. Due to the shotgun style cock under the barrel, there are no barrel extension capabilities. fine:)
At with Raider Drum, Shotblast Stock and Scope
The Raider drum does fit but I find it pretty unwieldy to use with the AT given it's placement.

AT with Stampede clip, Spectre Stock and Pinpoint Sight
I've been mucking about with this configuration lately and am quite happy with it. Looks tough and also I find is less prone to jamming compared to using a drum style clip. The Spectre stock practically lives on the AT in my house, I think they're an ideal match.

AT with Spectre stock and pinpoint sight.
That being said, the drum is easier to do commando rolls with:) This as everyone knows is my configuration of choice:)

With mission kit scope
Different scopes are much the muchness, here with the mission kit scope that comes with the Element EX-6

With a Longshot Scope
And with the Longshot scope.

With the Recon Ladder Sight
And with the Recon sight. (From my experiences, using the other scopes as the dart hitting the target a little lower than aimed, with the Recon it's a little higher)

What's your AT configuration of choice?


  1. I love the Alpha Trooper! My favorite configuration is:

    - Stampede 18-dart extended mags (simply because it looks cooler and there are spares)

    - Recon stock with 6-round mag.

    - Longshot scope for daytime battles/Recon red dot sight for night time.

  2. can you put the Stampede shelld on it?

  3. Gotta go with the Alpha Trooper, 6 dart clips, Pin Point sight, and Raider Stock. I save the 18 dart drum for emergency's.

  4. 35 round drum in the reciever.
    recon stock on the back with spare 6 round clip
    no sight to speak off (looking for a red dot sight here in aus may ship from the US)

    spare ammo in the old webbing belt and pack for the spare 35 round drum and 18 round drum that came with the blaster.

    looking to get a spectre to get a hold of the folding stock or two.

    LiveB8 (Toowoomba)

  5. Just wondering, with practice does the sights actually improve accuracy?

  6. Mine current configuration is an 18-round drum magazine + another spare 18-round drum magazine; Raider's stock; and a laser reflex scope from DealExtreme. Uber cool :)

  7. i found them at target about a week and a half ago for $23 AUD on sale, been back since but they were long gone.

    just wondering pocket, where the heck did you get a spectre in AU?

  8. 18-round drum magazine, Recon stock for an extra 6-round magazine and the Longstrike iron sight with the back ladder flipped up. Line up the notch with the ridge on the shotgun grip and you can compensate pretty well for gravity. Works for about 30 feet

  9. I'm going with Spectre Stock, it's normal 18 dart drum, and Pinpoint Sight. It doesn't look as cool as Mission Kit Scope, but it's better in actual wars.

  10. AT with raider stock and 20 round clips from stampede (if its possible, try using a flip clip on them - 40 rounds!)

  11. My AT has a Stampede clip, a Recon stock w/ extra clip, and the Longstrike sight.

  12. My AT has a barricade value pack-yellow and black raider stock, it looks sweet, i just need something to put on the tactical rail.

    Any suggestions?

    I would recommend putting a tactical scope or basically anything that yellow...
    No more color/colour blind madness!

  14. So I kno this is way better than a recon and deploy. Is it with getting if I already own a stampede? Have any of you done basic mods to this blaster, if so how difficult? Ive just successfully destroy my recon, love using my praxis as my primary, but miss having an awesome dart primary besides my stampede. All my hopes of getting a longshot requires me shelling out almost 100 bucks or somehow getting lucky on ebay.......

  15. Man, I wish I had that Mission Kit scope. Can't find it anywhere online, and when I try to find the Pinpoint Sight, there's only one- for $99 USD.