Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preview: First pics of unreleased Dart Tag 20 Blaster (HOT!)

Sized up against the all conquering Stampede
Here it is folks; some detailed close ups of the much hyped and anticipated new Nerf Dart Tag blaster. Our contacts in Taiwan have forwarded us through some fantastic intel on what looks like Bumblebee's arm cannon (and I really would not be surprised if this does have some form of movie tie-in when it IS released) and we here at Urban Taggers are pretty excited at the prospect of getting our hands on one. But for now.. on with the pics!

Dart Tag blaster, sans stock. No tactical rails.
Takes 6 'c' cell batteries; no removable battery sled.
Looks pretty real to me..
Nice detailing, with the Nerf embossings
More official Nerf cues with the Dart Tag branding on the stock
Dart Tag embossing in the plastic on the side of the blaster
Rotating 20 round barrel; takes all types of ammo
Power switch on top of the blaster.
C/U of the stock detached.
More intel as we get it!


  1. Would You'll mind putting my Blog along with the "Other Tagger Sites" ??? www.jzwt.blogspot.com Zack's Nerf

  2. Zack: consider it done:) We quite like your blog:)

  3. where did you get it give it to me

  4. How do you keep getting all the cool new things before Nerf even announce them?Thats incredible!

  5. Care If I use your Photos???



  6. How much is it and when will it be available in the US

  7. Lol if you read what pocket wrote, you'd know that he doesn't have it yet. The pictures were sent to him by his contacts in Taiwan.

    Also since he lives in Australia, I don't think he'd have the foggiest clue when it'd be released in the US, let alone in his own country -.- (Though I must say, Australia's getting better with nerf releases)

    But I could be wrong =P

  8. How can I get it in Taiwan? please tell me I beg of you....

  9. malee_ no-one reads anymore:P

    As far as information is concerned, you guys know what I know. What info I can get, I post.. and if I push to hard, it's more likely my contacts will just tell me to get stuffed. And then we ALL lose.

    As for US releases.. we don't even know what this blaster is officially called yet, so release dates.. dunno:P

  10. Looks pretty cool in my opinion. I've decided to call it 'DT 20'. Sounds catchy :)

  11. I'm really curious how close the stock is to being able to fit onto a Longstrike. Or vice-versa.


  12. This blaster's stock will not fit a Longstrike nor the other way round without modification.